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2. Beginner Steps and Free Template

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A Press Release is a written form of communication directed at news media readers to announce newsworthy content. If you have a Press Release that you want to be distributed through various media outlets, all you have to do is submit it to us, and we’ll do the distribution for you.

Mainly, the benefits of press release distribution include to gain maximum exposure of your brand, obtain more significant mindshare, attract readers to your site and get them to perform your desired call-to-actions such as buying your products and services, reading up your new blog post, downloading an eBook, or even liking a page.

Are you new to writing your press release and don’t know where to start? You came to the right place to learn about the standard of a press release. You can find a downloadable template at the end of this page as a reference or kick start writing on your own!

As you’ll see in many press releases across the web, the general structure of writing a press release is pretty standard. A press release would need these mandatory elements for publication:

2.1 Headline

This should be as clear and concise as possible and captivate audiences. Think of it as a headline “that will captivate my audiences” Only then, you’d know it’s newsworthy.

Example 1

Figure 1: You should write your headline style with initial caps (This Is A Sample Of Your Headline)

2.2 Summary

Most press release sites allow readers to view a headline and summary, but not the body paragraphs. Hence, take this opportunity to illustrate the main gist of your news, and once again, ensure your information is relevant and newsworthy.

Example 2
This paragraph should be in italics

2.3 Date Line

You’d have noticed how many press releases have a location and date under the summary paragraph. This is just where and when this news was made public.

2.4 Image

Most readers prefer reading a press release that comes with an image that works as a visual aid or gives them an idea of the press. So, we recommend you attach an image to capture the eyes and heart of your audience.

2.5 Body

This is the main bulk of it all, giving all the details about everything that has happened and dissecting it into a few key paragraphs, each having its specific sub-idea. Even though we’re talking about detailing facts here, it is ideal for keeping the word count under 800 because you don’t want to bore readers, and people aren’t willing to spend so much time reading if it doesn’t cut to the chase. Keep in mind that less is more here.

Tips: Most sites only accept up to 2 anchor links in a press release’s body.

2.6 Company information

This is the standard paragraph that contains a short, factual overview of the business or organization. It’s pretty much a template itself, and your brand or company can reuse the same information statement in each press release.

Example 3
Figure 3. You should provide the above mandatory contact information (Address & Phone are optional)

2.7 Contact Details

Lastly, include contact information on how readers can contact the appropriate person for additional information on the press release. You should consist of details as shown in the image below, so your audience knows how to reach out for more information about your press release.

Example 4
Figure 4. You should provide the above mandatory contact information (Address & Phone are optional)

It’s not as complicated as it seems, isn’t it? A single press release distribution brings many benefits, such as improving your SEO, building brand awareness, and more. Click here to learn more about the benefits of press release distribution!

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