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Supercharge Your Brand’s Success With A Quick-Play Video Press Release

Incorporate an engaging audio-visual element into your news release for enhanced publicity.

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“It’s always best if you are able to show your story, rather than merely telling it…”

Share your story with MarketersMEDIA and grow your business with these numbers.


of your audience will read the text, but 80% of them will watch a video on the same page.


of marketers agree that using video in their strategy helps increase their revenue faster.


of consumers who have watched branded social videos make a purchase.

Publish your news in a creative way

Tingle your audience’s senses and grab their attention with a creative and attractive approach to news publishing.


Provide A Clear, Concise Explanation

Convey your story in a clear, and concise way instead of just a one-page printed release. This expresses your brand’s idea effectively that otherwise could be tough to explain.


Appeal To Audience With Visual Preferences

Make news reporting easy and engaging to audiences who are attracted to visually stimulating content and product presentation.


Spark Brand Trustability And Authenticity

Video representation of the “what” and “how” of your product or services can foster an air of trust to your audiences towards your brand.


Boost SERP Rankings And Youtube Traffic

Videos make great SERP rankers compared to just plain texts as Google loves to include videos at the top of their 1st page. Best thing is, if you're looking to expand your Youtube channel, video press releases help you garner more traffic, views, and social shares.


Track Brand Performance, Engagements And Interaction

With video press releases, you have more ways to track your brand’s performance and interaction with your audience and get insightful metrics that text-based tracking doesn't offer such as download and play rates, content people are viewing, and the ones they stop viewing.


Maximize Lead Conversion For Your Brand

Strategizing your business marketing with video pulls your audiences closer to converting as it speeds up the time they need to understand your brand.

Enhance Your Press Release With Video Embedding

Company Profile & “About Us”

Establish your company’s personality with video.

Product Sneak Peeks

Create buzz with tidbits of your product that make your audience asking for more!

Product Launches

Make the most impactful first impression for your product launches.


Q&A and interviews are the easiest way to establish trust and assurance.

Brand Assurance & Testimonials

Build perspectives and credibility for your brand with what people say about you.

Product Demos

Share easy-to-follow steps and demonstration of your products


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