22 Best Press Release Examples [For All Occasions]

04 July, 2024

You’ve got a business announcement in mind, and now you’re looking to get it down in words and share it with the world.

But writing a press release that gets picked up in media outlets is no easy task, and sometimes, it’s easier to replicate success when you have great examples to follow.

That's why we’ve shoveled through tens of thousands of press releases in our database to find our best press release examples, helping your next press release stand out and gain the coverage it deserves.

These news releases were selected not only because they were beautifully written, but also because they were effective in garnering publicity and attention on social media.

While writing a press release is more of an art than science, there are still several tested strategies that work. We’ll walk you through them with each example, providing you with actionable advice to help you create your own successful press release.

Without further ado, here are press release samples on 22 different occasions.

Table of Contents:

1. New Product or Service Launch

One of the fundamental reasons why we write press releases—they are the fastest way to break the latest announcements and updates with the public.

A surefire way to make sure your news announcement gets attention is to ask yourself: Is it newsworthy enough? Imagine something important that has occurred recently and can be spread immediately.


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Reasons this press release works:

Right off the bat, it talks about how the app benefits readers by emphasizing its customizability and the breadth of its news coverage, from current affairs to entertainment. 

It highlights newsworthy features such as customizations, real-time updates, specific functionalities for sports enthusiasts to make it stand out. Not only that, it also includes added incentives like deals and offers to appeal to a broader audience and adds extra incentives for downloading and using the app.

It is important to let your readers, who are your potential customers, know exactly how the product or service can serve their needs.

2. Product or Service Updates

There’s a lot of overlap between product launches and updates, but there are also some subtle differences that you need to note.

When launching a completely new product or service, you explain what it is and how it differs from what’s already available and highlight its main features and benefits.

As for updates, you can assume some familiarity with the existing product. Focus on what's new or improved, and explain how these improvements make the user experience better.


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Reasons why this press release works:

The press release centers on the latest update and its new features, such as new colors, USB-C charging for added convenience, and app updates for easier firmware management, while it briefly mentions existing features for readers unfamiliar with the product.

3. Merger and Acquisition

Start off by naming the companies involved and the type of deal (Merger or Acquisition). Then, delve into the motivations behind the deal.  Are you looking to broaden your market reach, boost your product lineup, or streamline operations? Whatever the case, make it clear.

It’s also important to talk about what’s going to change. Maybe there’s a shuffle in leadership or a shift in how things are done—spell it out.

Most importantly, don’t forget to explain why this matters to the people who matter most: your stakeholders. Show them the direct benefits, like better services or stronger market positioning. This way, your press release does more than just share news—it connects with your audience and brings them along on your company’s new journey.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release works well because it clearly shows how Blackwing Advisors can use Softek Awning's strong reputation and potential for growth.

It builds credibility by mentioning Barry Loudis, the new owner, and his experience. Plus, it also highlights Softek Awnings' 30-year history and notable clients, helping readers see why this acquisition matters.

It also touches on the changes and impacts by introducing the new leadership and their plans to expand offerings while maintaining quality service. This helps stakeholders understand what to expect from the new ownership, providing a sense of continuity and future potential.

4. Partnership and Collaboration

Unlike Mergers and Acquisitions, in a partnership, both companies remain independent yet collaborate on specific projects or goals.

Once you’ve announced the partnership and the companies involved, clearly define the purpose of the collaboration. What’s the big goal that necessitates this team effort? Discuss how it is going to benefit both sides of the company, such as gaining access to new markets, pooling resources, or enhancing technological capabilities. This helps to convey the strategic importance of the collaboration to all stakeholders.

Are there specific projects, product launches, or events that will kick off this collaboration? Offering a glimpse into the long-term vision for the collaboration not only keeps your audience informed but also paints a vivid picture of how the partnership is expected to evolve and continue benefiting everyone involved.

Also, take this opportunity to position your company or product. For those who are new to the industry, you can use your press release as a floor to set up your company and product the way that benefits you the most.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release is a great example of a partnership announcement because it clearly defines the purpose of the collaboration between Traveloka and Cebu Pacific. Right from the start, it announces the partnership and introduces the companies involved.

It then clearly explains the big goal: boosting tourism in Southeast Asia, especially to the Philippines. By detailing how this partnership will benefit both companies—Traveloka by enhancing its app with more flight options, and Cebu Pacific by gaining increased visibility—it effectively conveys the strategic importance of this collaboration.

It also provides insight into specific projects and actions resulting from the partnership, like the integration of an API to make flight booking easier and the various promotions available to travelers. This paints a vivid picture of the partnership's long-term vision and how it will continue to benefit both companies and their customers.

5. Business Expansion

When your business grows, it sends a strong message to everyone watching—from your customers and the media to potential investors that things are going well and your company is on the move.

Begin by clearly laying out what’s changing. Are you opening a new office, rolling out new products, or entering a new market? Get into the specifics so everyone knows exactly what’s happening.

Give a quick rundown of why you’re taking this step. Is it because more people want what you’re offering, you see a great opportunity in a new area, or there's a chance to provide more to your current customers?

Talk about the perks this expansion brings to your customers, your team, or even the whole community. Maybe it’s about bringing your products closer to your buyers or creating new jobs. Quantify the benefits whenever possible.

And do share all the nitty-gritty details! If it’s a new location, throw in the address and the grand opening date. Introducing new products? Briefly describe them.

And if you can, add some visuals like photos or logos to make it pop. Don’t forget to outline the key dates, like when things kick off and when you plan to wrap up. If you’ve already started, mention any big milestones you’ve hit.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release does an amazing job of mixing personal storytelling with all the key information. The quote from 13-year-old William Thompson really adds a personal touch, making readers feel like they’re at the event. This makes the announcement more relatable and engaging.

It covers all the important details well. We learn what’s new—the opening of the Alpine Coaster—and why it’s happening. Thredbo Resort’s focus on enhancing guest experiences and boosting year-round tourism is clear. The benefits are easy to see, with the coaster set to attract visitors in all seasons.

The press release also gives us the specifics: the coaster’s features, the construction timeline, and the grand opening event. It even shares Thredbo’s commitment to renewable energy and future development plans, adding a layer of credibility and showing the project’s been well thought out and responsibly handled.

6. New Business

A business expansion press release announces the growth of an existing company, while a new business press release introduces a company that's just starting its journey.

When introducing your new venture, begin with an overview of your company:

  • What your business is all about?
  • Who are the key founders or crucial team members?
  • What is your mission and values?
  • What is the specific problem you're tackling or the unique niche you're filling?

Next, dive into what you offer—your products or services. Talk about how these benefit your customers and how they differ from what's already out there. This isn’t just about what you sell, but how it improves the lives of those who use it.

Besides, why not showcase your team’s experience and qualifications too? When people know that knowledgeable and experienced individuals are behind a venture, they’re more likely to trust and engage with it.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release clearly highlights the company’s unique selling point: they buy all types of vehicles, no matter the condition. This sets them apart from other car-buying services and grabs the attention of anyone with a car to sell, even if it’s a non-runner or a crash-damaged vehicle.

The press release also builds trust by mentioning that the team is professional and fully insured. This reassures potential customers that they’re dealing with a reputable company. Plus, the free pickup service across the North East adds a big convenience factor, making it easy for people to use their service.

Another great touch is their commitment to the environment. By partnering with authorized recycling centers and providing a DVLA Certificate of Destruction, they show they’re serious about responsible recycling, which is a nice bonus for eco-conscious customers.

Finally, it wraps up by providing all the necessary details, like how to get a quote and contact the company, making it easy for readers to engage with the service.

7. New Hires and Leadership Changes

When introducing new team members or leaders, don’t just include their names and titles. Dive into their professional backgrounds, highlighting key experiences and skills that make them great additions to our team. This helps everyone understand the unique strengths they bring to the table.

Then, share a glimpse into how these additions are expected to shape our company's journey. Talk about the benefits their expertise will bring not just to our operations but also to our broader goals. This can excite everyone about the future and how it aligns with our growth plans.

If we're talking about a leadership transition, it's nice to give a nod to the outgoing leader, thanking them for their contributions. At the same time, underscore the credentials of the incoming leader, setting a positive tone for this new chapter.

This is optional, but you might want to include a quote from the new leader or a spokesperson. Something upbeat that captures their excitement about joining our team and their vision for what’s ahead. This personal touch can make the announcement feel more engaging and heartfelt.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release about Dr. Wanda Austin joining Apple's board of directors effectively communicates her appointment with clear and compelling details. It highlights her extensive experience in science and technology, especially her leadership at The Aerospace Corporation, establishing her credibility and fit for Apple. Quotes from Tim Cook and Arthur Levinson add a human touch and build excitement about her positive impact.

The release also acknowledges the contributions of outgoing board members Al Gore and James Bell, maintaining a positive tone. Dr. Austin's statement about her excitement and vision adds an engaging element. By aligning her values and accomplishments with Apple's mission, the release reinforces the company’s strategic direction and the value she brings to the board.

8. Financial Announcement

Financial announcements cover key updates like quarterly or annual earnings, financial forecasts, or funding news.

For public companies, a strong financial announcement can attract new investors and boost your stock price. Privately held companies looking for investment can also use press releases to pique interest.

When writing this type of press release, always back up your claims with concrete numbers. Share specifics like revenue figures, growth percentages, or investment amounts.

Also, clarify how the financial announcement benefits your company and its stakeholders. Could this lead to new jobs, innovative products, or increased value for shareholders?

Look ahead and briefly outline what this financial update means for your company's future. Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives this announcement helps support?

Keep your language straightforward and direct—financial topics can be complex enough. Using clear, simple language helps ensure that your message is professional and accessible to everyone reading it.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This financial announcement from Axiata stands out due to its clear and detailed presentation of key financial metrics, such as revenue, EBITDA, and EBIT, which are crucial for stakeholders.

By highlighting the 13.3% growth in revenue and significant increases in EBITDA and EBIT, the press release effectively showcases the company's strong financial performance. These concrete numbers back up the company's claims and provide a solid foundation for a positive outlook.

Additionally, the press release explains the strategic implications of the financial results. It outlines how the improved financial performance supports Axiata's strategic initiatives, such as cost optimization and market expansion. By linking financial metrics to broader company goals and future projects, the announcement offers stakeholders a clear understanding of how these results will benefit the company and its shareholders moving forward.

9. Research Findings or Studies

You've put a lot of hard work into your research, and now it's time to share those important findings! Since research can go unnoticed in academic circles, make sure to present your main discovery right at the start of your press release.

Start by setting the scene—describe the field of study and what people already know. Then, highlight the gap your research fills. Imagine showing a 'before and after' picture to illustrate how your work advances understanding.

Describe your research method in simple terms. Whether you conducted surveys, analyzed data, or ran experiments, explain your approach clearly and without any complex jargon if possible.

Finally, emphasize the significance of your findings. How could they benefit society, inspire future research, or be used in practical scenarios? This helps readers see the real-world impact of your work, connecting scholarly research with everyday relevance.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release by Frost & Sullivan and LeadLeo Research Institute does a great job of highlighting their findings on the 2023 China EPC Drugs Industry. It kicks off with the main discovery about the potential of EPC cell therapy for treating ischemic diseases, making it clear and engaging right from the start. The press release sets the scene by explaining the rising rates of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China and how EPCs could be the solution.

The release breaks down the research methods in simple terms, explaining how iPSC-derived EPCs work to repair blood vessels and nerves. By avoiding complicated jargon, it makes the info easy to understand. It also stresses the importance of these findings, pointing out the potential benefits, like better treatments for strokes and other diseases. This helps readers see the real-world impact of the research, making the press release both informative and approachable.

10. Awards and Recognition

Congratulations! Winning an award can be exciting and so satisfying. Not only is it fun to compete against the rest of the industry and get your work validated (not to mention, with the chance of outshining your competitors).

Besides being a confidence booster, new clients also may actually come knocking when they hear the buzz about your company excellence, that is if you write your press release right.

So be sure to highlight the achievements, projects, or innovations that led to winning the award!


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Reasons why this press release works:

MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s press release is spot-on. It clearly lists their achievements, such as High Performer and Best Support in G2’s Winter 2024 report, showcasing their excellence.

Plus, the inclusion of a positive customer testimonial from Randy M about their responsive service and reliable press release distribution is a great trust-builder. Overall, the press release is straightforward and easy to read, making it an excellent example of how to announce awards and recognition effectively.

11. Milestone and Anniversary

Announcing specific milestones showcases your progress and expertise. This can attract potential customers seeking reliable partners, investors looking for stable growth, and top talent seeking a company on the rise.

When you talk about your successes, whether it's hitting a sales target, breaking new ground with a technology innovation, or moving into a new market, be specific. Use real numbers, relevant statistics, or quotes from key team members to make your story more credible and engaging.

This approach not only informs but also builds trust and excitement around your brand.


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Reasons why this press release works:

Lunit's press release does a fantastic job of celebrating a major milestone: publishing 100 peer-reviewed papers on their AI medical imaging suite. The headline grabs attention, and the details about their work being featured in top journals like The Lancet Digital Health and Radiology add credibility.

The release includes specific achievements, such as their AI being used in Sweden’s largest private hospital, which shows the real-world impact of their technology. By clearly presenting their successes and real-world applications, this press release effectively builds excitement and trust around Lunit’s innovations.

12. Rebranding

Be the first to tell your story and avoid misunderstandings by clearly explaining the rebranding.

Start by sharing why you’re making a change. Outgrew your old image? Targeting a new market? Highlight the positive reasons behind the change.

Then, here comes the heart of the release. Unveil your new logo, tagline, or any other visual changes. Give a bit of insight into what inspired these changes and what they stand for. People are usually curious about the story behind a new brand identity.

And as always, reassure your audience how this rebranding will benefit them. Are there new products, services, or experiences coming their way? Are there any upcoming product launches or initiatives aligned with the new identity?

This helps communicate the new direction of your brand and builds excitement for what’s coming next.


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Reasons why this press release works:

SurgeGraph’s rebranding press release is great because it clearly explains the change from LSIGraph to SurgeGraph and highlights the positive reasons behind it. By explaining the shift from LSIGraph to SurgeGraph, the release reassures users that the brand is evolving to better meet their needs.

The press release unveils the new logo and tagline, "Grow Your Organic Traffic. FAST," giving readers insight into the brand's new identity and mission. It provides a clear rationale for the name change, noting that the term LSI is no longer relevant, and introduces the concept of the "Surge Effect" to illustrate how the new brand aims to help users.

Additionally, the release builds excitement by outlining future plans, such as new features like the AI Writing Assistant. This not only informs users about what to expect but also shows the brand’s commitment to continuous improvement.

13. Campaign Launch

It’s time to get the word out about your new campaign and get everyone excited!

Share your campaign's goals and key initiatives so everyone understands what you’re aiming to achieve and how you plan to do it.

If your campaign includes special partnerships or unique features that make it stand out, be sure to highlight these. They not only add a news angle but also set your campaign apart from others.

Lastly, guide your readers on what to do next. Whether you want them to donate, volunteer, join an event, or just get more information, make the next steps clear and simple. This way, it’s easy for them to get involved and support your cause.


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Reasons why this press release works:

Vicinity’s press release for the Monopoly Shop Scan Win campaign hits the mark with an attention-grabbing headline: $4 million in prizes on offer! Who’s ignoring that? This instantly piques interest and sets an exciting tone.

The release clearly explains the campaign’s goals and how customers can get involved by spending $10 or more at participating retailers. It’s simple—shop, scan, and win instant prizes or enter weekly draws. With over 180,000 prizes up for grabs, it’s hard to resist joining in.

Highlighting the improvements based on customer feedback and fun features like Monopoly Live Play and appearances by Mr. Monopoly makes the campaign sound even more appealing. The press release not only informs but also creates a buzz, making it easy for readers to get excited and participate.

Last but not least, the press release doesn't leave readers hanging. It explicitly tells them what to do next – visit the shopping centers for more information. This clear CTA makes it easy for people to get involved and participate in the campaign.

14. Competition and Contest

Do you want to announce a contest to the general public? Are you planning on using a press release to attract the attention of potential participants?

Nothing beats hooking your audience with prizes and rewards. Also remember to end it with a call to action to get people excited about joining your contest.


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Reasons why this press release works:

Wildfish’s press release for their competition to win a free website or app worth £50,000 is designed to grab attention and get people excited. The headline alone—who wouldn’t be intrigued by such a valuable prize?

The release clearly explains the contest’s goals: to support green technologies and help organizations pushing for a net-zero economy. This adds a meaningful angle to the competition, making it not just about winning a prize, but also about contributing to a greater cause.

The press release outlines the steps to enter, making it straightforward for participants. By mentioning that the competition ends soon and encouraging quick entries, it creates a sense of urgency.

Bonus Tip!

When it comes to competition releases, you don't just need to announce, you also got to promote it. So don't just stop at one, send another to update and one more to reveal the winner. You will be amazed how one event can give you so many chances for public relations.

It’s extremely hard to get a social media community interested in a press release, and it’s not because they hate hearing about what your company is up to. It’s just that they hate the way you’re telling the story. So consider dropping the average press release approach like XXX announces XXX*

15. Hosting or Attending an Event

You have a great event and the story to spin it. Now it’s time to connect the dots. When writing an event press release, you need to highlight the good stuff at your lede. Is there going to be a big name at your event? Who is it for? People want to know!

Balance pragmatic information with colorful details that will make your event stand out. People seek out events that are different and exciting, so make sure to highlight them with more descriptions and details to paint a good time.

Another important point to add is to include visuals. You can embed a great photograph in a first-person view, letting the readers more easily imagine themselves in the event.


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Reasons why this press release works:

Global Conference Alliance Inc.’s press release clearly highlights key details such as the diverse topics and renowned speakers, making it clear who should attend and why.

By listing global cities like Vancouver, Istanbul, and Dhaka, it adds an international flair that appeals to a broad audience. The detailed program descriptions, including keynotes and workshops, paint a vivid picture of what to expect, making the events sound both informative and fun.

The clear call to action encourages early registration, making it easy for readers to get involved. Overall, the press release is concise, engaging, and makes the events sound too good to miss.

16. Scholarship

Briefly summarize the project. Describe who will be served by the grant, the overall goal and how it relates to your mission. Indicate any other sources of funding.

Target your sponsorship to the right audience, and make sure that it is revealed a few months before the deadline to give ample time for interested participants to register.


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Reasons why this press release works:

The press release connects the scholarship to the Center's mission really well by highlighting the emotional impact of hair loss on cancer survivors. This showcases the Center's understanding of their patients' needs beyond just medical care.

Besides, not only did they include specific details about the essay prompt and the deadline, the scholarship was announced several months before the application deadline, giving interested students ample time to prepare and gather necessary materials.

17. Social Causes and Charity

Consumers today are really keen on supporting businesses that share their values. When you talk about your charitable efforts, you're showing that your company cares about making a positive difference in the world.

Instead of just listing what you’ve done, really highlight the good that has come from these initiatives. Try to put numbers on it whenever you can, like how many trees you’ve planted or the total amount of money donated.

If your team has been hands-on with volunteering or fundraising, definitely give them a shout-out. This reflects a strong culture of giving back within your company.

Also, if you’ve worked alongside other organizations, make sure to mention them. This not only boosts the trustworthiness of your work but also shows the breadth of your reach and influence.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release ticks all of the boxes for a great charity announcement. It highlights the good done by providing specific numbers, like the 11,036 kilograms of trash collected and the 470 volunteers from different continents. These concrete figures make the impact clear and tangible, showing just how big of a difference they made.

It also gives a big shout-out to the team members and local volunteers who participated. This not only shows appreciation but also reflects a strong culture of giving back within the company. It’s great to see the effort and teamwork in action, making the company’s commitment to the environment even more impressive.

18. Health and Safety Updates

Health and safety issues can easily slip from people's minds. Writing about it is a great opportunity to share vital updates and gently remind everyone to stay safe.

If your company has kicked off a new safety initiative, why not share it in your press release? It could inspire others to follow suit, helping to spread a culture of safety and showing that you’re serious about keeping people safe.

Be sure to explain how this new initiative is making things safer for your employees, customers, or the community. This not only keeps everyone informed but also shows that your company is actively working to improve everyone’s well-being.


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Reasons why this press release works:

This press release clearly states the certifications NX Morocco Free Zone obtained—ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management and ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety. It explains what these certifications mean in easy-to-understand terms.

It also outlines why they went for these certifications, showing their commitment to reducing environmental impact and improving workplace safety. By focusing on their dedication to a safe and sustainable working environment, NX Morocco Free Zone assures everyone they’re serious about looking after their employees and the community. This no-nonsense approach keeps everyone informed and confident in the company’s efforts to uphold high health and safety standards.

19. Crisis Communication

A crisis can happen to any business. It can be a dramatic event, such as an employee scandal or even just a rumor that has captured public attention

In this case, your best defense against crisis is to state the facts. Communicate about the crisis and let them know your side of the story, if not a rumor can go nasty quick

It’s safest to stand firm on your positioning and isolate the actual issue or problem. Determine whether it’s an internal error such as bad judgment or inadequate company controls.

When you communicate your crisis, make sure the message is simple and clear. Give only facts, and don’t make any defensive statement.

If your statement is brief, that’s okay. Just state the who, what, when, where, and why. Note that you will release additional information once you have more facts, and provide contact information to one carefully selected individual, such as the CEO or preferably the legal counsel.

Never try to hide information. Your company will be viewed more favorably by both the media and the public if you come forward before the situation becomes widely spread in the media without your involvement. You will also lose the opportunity to control your message if you don't address it proactively.


View the entire press release example

Reasons why this press release works:

This press release works because it clearly communicates the facts, addresses the issue directly, and maintains transparency.

By explaining the voice selection process for ChatGPT’s voices, acknowledging the communication lapse, and pausing the use of Sky’s voice, OpenAI demonstrates responsibility and respect. Including a CEO statement and promising ongoing updates reassures the public, maintains trust, and effectively manages the crisis.

20. Book Publication

It’s an exciting accomplishment to be a published author, but to become a New York Times Bestseller; you need to get the word out.

With that being said, telling people about your new book and expecting them to come running is a dream. If you don’t have an exciting book press release, you need to create interest through it.

Give your readers a little teaser—what’s it about, and what genre does it fall into? Don’t skip the details, like whether it's coming out as an ebook, a paperback, or maybe even a hardcover. Book lovers dig these specifics, as they have strong preferences for how they enjoy and collect their reads.

And, of course, don’t forget to tell them when and where the book drops so they can grab a copy!


View the entire press release example

Reasons why this press release works:

This press release gave us a sneak peek into "Courage to be Kind," detailing the book's content and inspiration. It shares highlights from the launch event, which featured some big names, adding a touch of prestige. Plus, it tells you exactly where to snag a copy.

The mention of the Be-Leafing Foundation's generous donation adds a nice community feel, perfectly fitting the book's theme of kindness.

21. Music

Are you releasing a new album, single, music video, or announcing a tour? Clearly state the main event you're promoting.

Don't just list facts. Give journalists and readers a reason to care.  What inspired your new music?  What themes do you explore? Sharing this personal touch can make your press release more engaging.

Provide specifics about what you're announcing.  For a new album, mention the release date or any interesting collaborations.  For a tour, include dates, cities, and any special guests who’ll join you.

Lastly, always include your social media handles and relevant links. This way, readers can easily listen to your tracks, follow your updates, and even snag tickets to your shows.


View the entire press release example

Reasons why this press release works:

Kris James' press release for his new single, "Forever Forever," hits all the right notes. First off, it dives into the heartfelt inspiration behind the song—Kris's personal story of love and loss. This backstory adds a touching, relatable element that helps readers connect on an emotional level.

The press release also stands out by showcasing the unique selling point: the multi-language AI versions of the song. It’s not every day you see an artist releasing their single in English, Japanese, and German, all using their own vocals. The details about how AI technology from sipher.io made this possible are fascinating and add a layer of innovation that grabs attention.

Finally, it provides the essential info on when and where to listen to "Forever Forever." By including links and specifics about the release date, the press release ensures that fans know exactly how to engage with Kris's new music.

22. Podcast

Podcasts are a booming media format, and press releases can help increase awareness and reach new listeners. Podcast launches, milestone episodes, or major guest appearances can be newsworthy announcements.

Tell people what makes your podcast different. What’s it about? Who’s it for? What will listeners get out of it? Make it easy for potential listeners to see why they should tune in

Remember, not every podcast is for everyone, and that’s okay. Be clear about who will enjoy your podcast the most. Mention the topics you cover and the style you’re going for, so the right listeners can find you

Don’t forget to introduce yourself and any co-hosts. A quick note on your background or what you bring to the table can make a big difference

Lastly, let everyone know where to find your podcast. (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.) and brag a bit if you’ve hit some cool milestones (download, awards, etc.) to showcase the podcast's popularity.


View the entire press release example

Reasons why this press release works:

The press release for the "2 Fellaz" podcast effectively captures what makes it unique and why listeners should tune in. It starts by highlighting the deeply personal stories of the hosts, Dave and Steve, who discuss men's mental health issues from their own lived experiences. This raw and unfiltered approach sets the podcast apart and makes it highly relatable.

It covers a wide range of topics, such as love, trauma, work-life balance, and ageing, giving listeners a clear idea of what to expect and helping them identify whether the podcast aligns with their interests.

By including background information about the hosts and their motivations, the press release helps listeners connect with Dave and Steve on a personal level. Additionally, the press release mentions where to find the podcast and social media handles, making it easy for potential listeners to tune in.

And there you have it.

Hopefully, these press release examples have inspired you with different angles your business can take when writing a press release.

While there’s no clear cookie cutter for how a press release should look like, remember to stick to the press release format and requirements. So next you need to…

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