Here at MarketersMedia, we aim to provide you with the essential knowledge and information for sending a press release that will give you the maximum benefits it has to offer. Whether you’re a veteran or completely starting out, this is the place to look for tips, sample articles, and a free template to cater your needs of writing a press release

can i publish

Can I Publish Press Release Too?

Understand how press release service is for everyone, and not a premium service gatekeeping for only huge corporations

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Beginner Steps

Beginner Steps & Free Template

New to the press release? Find out the construct of a press release and get yourself a free template to start your first press release

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PR benefits

Benefits of a Press Release Distribution

Besides publicity, a press release brings many benefits and advantages to your business, too. Find out more here.

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PR sample

Press Release Samples

Check out the press releases we published to learn how others write their press releases.

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Tips for Writing a Better Press Release

We have prepared ten (10) tips to boost your press release visibility and attract more viewers to your information.

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How to Maximize Backlinking SEO for Press Releases

New to SEO or never heard of it? I am sure this tutorial is beneficial for you to maximize your effort pooling visitors to your website.

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How Often Should You Publish a Press Release

Learn how to publish press releases in moderation and still keep your information fresh and readers interested.

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5+1 Tips for Writing Your Press Release Headlines With 25 examples

No idea how to write a promising headline? Read this tutorial to learn from some of the most successful press release headlines.

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do and dont

28 Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Press Release

We made a simple dos and don’ts checklist so you don’t step on the rejection landmines.

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Double Check

8 Things to Double-Check Before Press Release Submission

Ready to submit your press release but not sure if you should? Take a few minutes to read this tutorial and check your press release again.