63 Creative Press Release Ideas for Small Businesses

03 May, 2019

Getting exposure for your business can seem like an overwhelming task at times.

It’s hard to just even get started, and that’s because one problem every entrepreneur's face is not knowing what they should write about in their press releases.

But don’t let that stop you from sending press releases, because that can mean many missed opportunities for traffic and conversions.

Besides, every business has a story… things you are already doing that are worthy of attention. The media needs to know this. Your customers need to know this.

Really, this is how your branding can be build up because it is through understanding the business stories that create value for your business.

That’s why to inspire and make sure you stand out in the crowd, here’re 98 creative business ideas that any small businesses can adopt.

Timely vs Evergreen News

Before heading onto the list, let’s make this clear. The key to using press releases effectively is to focus on newsworthy events.

However, this doesn’t mean just sharing timely, relevant news such as a product release or an event launch. The best news stories just might be something evergreen such as your business mission or you sharing industry insights.

Evergreen stories can be more useful than promotional news, as editors are looking for user stories that appeal to their readers.

So don’t limit your press releases to just news, the key is how you deliver your story into news that people care and here are some creative press release ideas to get you started.

(I) Focus on Your Business

You can always create a press release that talks about your business in general.

This gives your customers and even investors the chance to learn more about your business when they visit your website or find you on media sites.

Seeing your name or business mention on premium news media sites Reuters or Yahoo News can help you command respect, much more than a sales brochure or catalog.

For an evergreen press release about your business, you can talk about the human interest side of your business, like for example:

    1. Share your business vision and mission statement
    2. Share your business solution that will help solve prospects problem
    3. Tell the story of why and how you started your business
    4. Positioning yourself as a market or industry expert
    5. Share your customer’s success stories
    6. Share client testimonial and rankings
    7. Share a story about how you overcome an obstacle
    8. Share helpful insights related to your business

But take note, you don’t want your press release to be the same as the other thousands of press releases online.

Do’s and Don’ts for Evergreen Press Release

For evergreen press releases, don’t be afraid of being a little different or bizarre.

Nobody wants to read another expert’s opinion on the same five tips to skincare, unless you have a unique method or angle like AI skincare solutions.

However, do take note to write in a press release format, and avoid having your press release reading like another blog post or general article because you’re after all writing news.

On the other hand, these are timely angles about your company that you can announce and spin into a press release:

    1. Opening a new office or relocating your office
    2. Debunk a common myth in your industry
    3. Share the latest trends in your industry
    4. Identify a trend that you noticed within your industry
    5. Rebranding your company/ product
    6. Starting a new sister company
    7. Important company anniversary
    8. Business partnership/ acquisition
    9. Signing a large, well-recognized client
    10. Announcing a media appearance
    11. Hiring a new executive or changing ownership of the company
    12. Announcing personnel change: retirement, resignation or death
    13. Developing a new technology or unique procedure for your industry
    14. New certifications and credentials achieved by your staff
    15. Speaking at a conference or event
    16. Take a stand on a controversial issue or on a recent news
    17. Responding to being named in a lawsuit
    18. Receiving endorsements from a major celebrity or public figure
    19. Share the new achievement or award you won
    20. Create an award and give it away
    21. Filing or being awarded a patent
    22. Celebrating an important milestone

(II) Focus on Your Products/ Services


While the focus on products is mostly to inform journalists and customers on your exciting new product offerings, you can also mix in evergreen content like your product advantages.

    1. New product or service launch
    2. Reveal the competitive advantage of your product
    3. Show how your product or service can save time or money
    4. Showcase your product’s unique selling points
    5. Tell your customers how they should use your product
    6. Talk about the story behind your product
    7. Tell your customers where are your services available
    8. Let your customers know if your product met government regulations
    9. Announce products or services upgrades and fixes
    10. Show how to use your product (or if there are any interesting ways to use them)

When you are writing press releases about your products or services, avoid overselling, Instead of letting your readers know what are the features available, tell them how does your product solve their problems or add benefits.

Does your press release help them save time or money? Let them know! But be sure to present clear facts because these press releases might be quoted by journalists.

(III) Focus on Your Customers


The most important angle when writing a press release is none other than focusing on your customers and readers.

Share something that your audience would like to know or read, because at the end of the day, your press release is written for them, so go on and take an angle that they will appreciate:

    1. Share a free special report available at your website
    2. Share a free ebook or resource that can educate your readers
    3. Share free powerpoints/ video lesson that can educate your readers
    4. Talk about your video content/ lesson on YouTube
    5. Create a website/ podcast and write about it
    6. Talk about your new blog post and what it educates
    7. Launching a referral reward/ affiliate program
    8. Announce that you are providing free consultations
    9. Reveal a fun contest you will be running
    10. Reveal sweepstakes that you will be promoting
    11. Create a poll or survey or research study
    12. Publish the results of a poll or research study you conducted
    13. Announce an upcoming teleseminar/ webinar you are hosting
    14. Announce an upcoming local workshop you are running
    15. Announce a lunch and learn session you are running
    16. Free shipping offer or change to shipping rates
    17. Hosting a major contest
    18. Exhibiting at a trade show

When it comes to providing value for your customers, it’s the same for every business. The only difference is how many does it reach?

Sending a press release lets more people know about what you have to offer.

Plus, if your press release is SEO-friendly, you might even get the chance to rank on the search engine and be discovered.

(IV) Focus on the Community


Then, there’s news regarding giving back to the community.

Media outlets are always looking for stories that are community-oriented, so share news about charities or community services that your business have joined or held.

  1. Sponsor a local event and write about it
  2. Publish your work with a local charity
  3. Establish a scholarship in the name of your small business
  4. Making a charitable contribution
  5. Sponsoring an event or team

Trust me, a great press release about a charity or local community service project always have a good chance of being publicized.

Focus at Your Press Release Angle

Once you find the perfect angle for your story, you need to keep your press release slim and straightforward.

Remember, your reader’s expectancy for a press release is quick and he or she will only fork out a limited amount of time to actually view your story.

So limit your press release to just 500 words to keep it straight forward. Get your message across as quickly and as clear as possible.

Rid any unnecessary details that don’t add value to the story.

Focus on answering the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Also, add a credible quote from your business owner to enhance your story, and let the reader know why your story is relevant and why should they care.

On the other hand, if none of these angles fit your small business… it’s time to create news - donate to a charity or innovate your product and remember to write a press release!

If you find yourself having extra details that don’t seem to fit within your press release, publish another press release later on.

Remember press release is never a one-time thing, it takes constant effort to build and establish consistent branding and messaging for your small businesses.

Last but not least, here are some questions you can ask yourself to discover more creative press release angles and ideas.

  • Can I tie my company with current events and popular news stories?
  • Is there a different spin I can put on an old news story?
  • Do we have any interesting statistics or case studies we can release?
  • Are there any industry trends we can comment on?
  • What problems are we solving that our competitors aren’t?

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