Basic Plan

I’m a little lost. Which press release distribution plan should I get?

If you don’t have a general idea of what you need and are just looking for a general press release publishing service, you can check out the Basic Plans, as we offer various degrees of distribution and amount. But if you have a specific amount or particular niche that you want to target, feel free to head for our other products.

Which Basic Plan should I get for starters?

Pick the press release plan most suitable for your needs and budget. All of our plans, including our Professional Plan, will get your news to reach search engines and financial media outlets. However, to further promote your brand visibility and get the ultimate media reach, we recommend you opt for our Director Plan to reach the best news sites, including Yahoo! News, Benzinga, APNews, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, AsiaOne, and 500+ sites!

What is PR Consultation mentioned in your pricing plans?

You will have an in-depth conversation with our sales representative before publishing your press releases. Our dedicated sales representative has been in this business for at least a decade, and you can trust them to ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure and reachability.

Can I include images, video, and sound in my press release?

Yes, you can include images, videos, and sound in your press releases. At your MarketersMEDIA we understand that you may want to include diferent elements into press releases to appeal to audiences with varying visual preferences.

Does it cost extra to include images, video, and sound in my press release?

No, it doesn’t cost extra. However, you’re limited to 1 image per press release. If you wish to have your video can be embedded into Video Press Releases, you can get in touch with our sales representative to find out about the charges.

Agency Solutions

What is the difference between this plan with the Unlimited Brand Account?

Custom Agency Plan offers customization of budget control with higher press release volume, whereas Unlimited Brand Account is a subscription-based plan where you subscribe to a yearly plan with unlimited press release distribution.

How many press releases can I customize per Custom Agency Plan?

If you subscribe to our Custom Agency Plan, you would need to publish at least five (5) press releases per month.

About Payment

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa. However, if you have other alternative payment forms, you can always contact our sales representative to guide you through the process.

Do you accept foreign currencies?

Definitely! We accept payments in any currency, but the amount will convert into U.S. dollars (USD; $) based on the plan you purchased. Do note that international Visa or MasterCard credit cards allow you to pay in USD if your account is established in another currency.

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