About MarketersMEDIA

How does MarketersMEDIA work?

You can send press releases with just these 3 easy steps. First, choose your preferred distribution plans or contact our sales representative for a customized plan. Secondly, create a MarketersMEDIA account and submit your press release on MMStudio. Lastly, you’ll receive your press release distribution report once your press release has been published successfully. It’s that simple!

What Is MMStudio?

MMStudio is MarketersMEDIA’s whole new publishing dashboard that has been introduced to improve your press release publishing experience with vast improvements and new features such as a completely revamped press release management system to streamlined press release upgrade and LOA submissions to feature that enables you to drop notes to editors and many more. Why not give it a try!

Our Distributions

How different is your distribution compared to other press release service providers?

We have an extremely large number of partnered media outlets, over 580, with some of the most prominent ones such as Yahoo! News, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Benzinga, APNews, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, Digital Journal, AsiaOne, Fox, and more! We provide the most cost-effective solution to your distribution needs with our affordable pricing for top-tier media outlets, as mentioned above.

Can I customize my plan according to the distribution outlets I prefer?

Of course! If you can’t find the exact plan and distribution you need, simply contact our dedicated sales representative, who will always be there to help you customize it.

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