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How Press Release Distribution Can Create Authority for You

23 December, 2013

Press releases have typically been the magic tip journalists have relied on to fill in content for theirs newspapers and magazines. Journalists used the primary data to pursue more detailed reports that would be of interest to their readers. With the advent of the Internet, press releases are no longer limited to paper publishing, but can be used by a variety of web sites targeting niche readers and general audiences.

Advantages of the Press Release

Press releases can create enormous benefits for the marketing strategies of your organization as the tactic of broad-scale distribution increases your chances of exposure. With each online site that publishes your press release, or with a little look, even a cover story, creates a quality link back to your site. Regular press releases will make your business look like an energetic, knowledgeable source within your industry.

There has been a lot of debate as to how well press release distribution improves your SEO page ranking. Each time service providers announce changes in their SEO policies, it throws the world of business into another quandary. Recent statements by Google that press releases will not increase page ranking left many businesses believing that press release distribution will do very little to increase their visibility. This is not entirely true. The keyword optimization and link building will help your website gain recognition, especially if press release is linked to a more comprehensive article at your website that shows your authority on the subject.

A press release can be used for announcing a new product, new business location, introducing services and policies, any changes within your business, a special offer, or any other news worthy criteria. When composing a press release, you should use only the most pertinent information. Your press release should include an engaging title, a brief summary, a main body and a short paragraph about your company. You should include links to other material relevant to your site, such as video links and your social media addresses.

A well thought out press release will be read by creditable journalists and editors. They may ask you for more information so as to complete a news story that is professionally written,interesting, and illustrates you as an authority on the topic. Be prepared to answer questions and provide more data. Do not say just “yes” or “no”, but expand by explaining the reasons for your answers. Short answers can put a journalist at a loss as to what to write, while longer answers can create a lively article and also lead to more questions.

What to Include in the Article

When you write a press release, you should also include a full article for your website. Your press release only highlights the information you want out there, while the article is an in-depth coverage of your topic. Be imaginative and think in terms of what would in the matter. If you have a new fishing lure, you may wish to write a story surrounding fishing experiences and how the new lure improved your fishing skills. If your company is opening in a new location, you may wish to write about the community it’s settling in and how your business is an asset to the citizens that live there.

Your news article accomplishes several purposes. For journalists who do not have the time to conduct interviews but would still like to publish a story based on your press release, this gives them access to information without the necessity of conducting lengthy research. Your article is the primary key to establishing yourself as an authority on your subject.

Linking your press release to a related article/page is always a good idea.

Press releases are brief. They do not usually contain the quality of a conversational tone or active engagement that appeals to mainstream audiences. But if you have a good accompanying article at your site, the journalists and editors you have contacted can drive consumers to your site to read the more engaging content about your company and its services or products.

What to Expect from Press Release Traffic

Your press release will bring temporary attention to the search engines as their bots recognize choice keywords, but your article will remain a fixed point for search engines gathering information for page ranking. Websites sharing links generally prefer linking directly to an article that appeals to their reader niche rather than pointing to the home page.

It is easier to refine your press release for sending only the most pertinent information if you have already written an article for referencing. Maximum exposure means sending an interesting statement in as few words as possible. Your message should include all important data, while your article reveals the juicy details.

Writing a good press release takes practice, but the advantages are numerous once you have your messaging down to a fine point. You can distribute your press release to countless websites, providing content for other marketing channels. They alert journalists to worthy news information and assist them in their research.

As a company in the know about how to handle press releases, you can always establish yourself as an authority on your topic.

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