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Letting the World Know You Exist using Press Release

20 August, 2013

A press release is one of the best ways in which you can let the world know your company exists. Whether you are new and in need of all the coverage you can get, or you are just looking to draw more attention to your company, a press release is the way to go.

Your press release provides an effective method of securing media coverage for your business and boosting your overall profits online. You can attract new customers with a press release and build your audience base. If you are writing it by yourself then you need to have a good idea of the basics and what mistakes to avoid.

The Basics

Your press release should be formatted so that your company logo is placed at the top of the page, in the center. Underneath that, on the left hand side, you want the contact name of your PR rep or someone acting as one, their direct line or company number, and an email address. The release date for your PR should be placed on the right hand side. The contact information you include should have the name of a staff member or your company spokesperson, familiar with the new event/new product. They will be the ones who field inquiries from all interested reporters.

If your press release will be sent right away then the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” should be placed below that. You want to then place the main title of the press release below this in all caps. If there is a subtitle, then place that below the title in regular font.

Next is the body of the press release. For the body text you want one space between each paragraph. Do not place indentations beyond the first paragraph. The first paragraph will be indented because it will have the title and subtitle and date in front of it serving as the indentation. If you prefer, you can place a boilerplate at the end of your press release, or you can place three #’s in the center of the page to signify the end of the document like so:

# # #

Below this, you want to include the same contact information you listed at the top after the text “For more information, please contact…” This should be in the footer.

The Heading

When you write the heading for your press release it should serve as a hook. And this hook must be written carefully. It should be a short phrase which brings the readers into the story you are about to tell. The same way that the first line of a new pop release catches the ears of the fans, your heading should catch the eyes of the journalists.

You should keep the heading as interesting as possible with as few words as possible. The heading should announce the update or news you have in the most exciting method possible. If you are unsure of how to do this, consider newspaper headlines and how the heading grabs your attention and gives you a bit into what the story will be. Try to emulate this. Make sure your heading is enticing and provides an overview in a concise manner which encourages readers to continue down your press release. If you place a pun in here, it must be very witty. Always avoid clichés.

The Subheading

In terms of the subheading, you should provide readers with just a tad more information. The purpose of the subheading is to flesh out the angle that was used in the heading to hook the readers, but without giving away all of the details in your body.

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