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Become the Leader in Your Industry

Position yourself as the go-to expert in your space and control the narrative of your story directly. Your name and brand will reach all major news outlets through the largest newswire service.

Build Your Brand Visibility on Search Engines

Easily share your business news with your customers and people searching for your business. The more press releases you have, the bigger the search engine footprint you have.

Write Your Success Story in Your Own Words

97% of people search online to learn about a company. Let your customers find you and show them exactly what you need them to see. Know how your brand appears in the public eye.

Outrank Your Competition in Google

Build consistent NAP and Send press releases that are optimized to have Search engines boost your odds to rank higher on sites like Google. Higher rank, higher traffic, higher revenue

Save Time and Cost for Maximum Return

Don’t have enough time and money to market your new product launches? Send a press release and see your news syndicated across hundreds of sites, ready to spread like wildfire.

Maximize Your ROI by Building Trust

Drive revenue faster when your clients know you can be trusted. Especially when you have the number of official press releases floating on the net about you. Information is power and giving that power to your potential clients is how you can win big.

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- Barry from Portland, Oregon

“MarketersMEDIA has a fantastic team with a fantastic product. They didn’t just take our money and let us send a crappy press release that they knew would have zero impact.

If you still don’t use press releases and don’t know about MarketersMEDIA, you’re crazy.”

- Andy, SAAS Business Owner

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients. Nowaday, clients don’t just want to know the features of your products, they also want to know the story and person behind the product.

For budding entrepreneurs, building reach and traffic is important to get your business to start rolling, and I was lucky to come across MarketersMEDIA a press release that caters to SMBs before I almost gave up on press releases.”

- Ryan, Serial Entrepreneur

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Brand Account is strictly applicable for one account per brand

    - Example: Procter & Gamble (P&G) would need to have two separate accounts for the Olay and Downy brands, even if they’re under the same company.
  • Only ONE set of boilerplate and contact info per Brand Account.

    - Press releases found abusing this in any way will be rejected. - Boilerplate and contact info updates can be requested and are subject to approval.
  • Please note that MarketersMEDIA’s Terms of Service

    ( and Privacy Policy ( also apply.
  • The Brand Account may only submit press releases representing the brand it signed up for.

    - It should not be promoting, discussing nor heavily featuring any other brands.
  • All press releases submission must be subjected to each media outlets’ rules and regulations AND editorial approval.

    - The editorial teams have the final say on the publication of a press release.
  • Brand Account should not be abused for reselling activities or issuing press releases as a profit-making activity.

    - Example: Submitting a press release that heavily features another brand, disguised as a collaboration or interview, but the Brand Account holder is actually charging the other party for the feature.
  • Any Brand Account found violating this list of Terms and Conditions will be subject to termination.

  • Terminated Brand Accounts will only be refunded the remaining annual fees after deducting usage charged as per non-promotional retail pricing

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