Top 5 Strategies To Reduce Overhead Costs For Businesses By Optimizing IT Support, IT Services, And Leveraging IT Consulting

29 May, 2020

Streamlining the operating expenses of an organization is like taking a step ahead in the direction of success. Minimizing costs by optimizing IT Support, IT Services, and leveraging IT Consulting, and retrenching nonessential expenses can steer the organization for optimum performance and growth.

Digital transformation has accelerated the rate at which businesses are going online. The advent of data analytics, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies have increased the enterprise's reliance on Information Technology. IT Support has become an integral part of the organization for the continuous delivery and availability of IT Services.

Apart from a direct cost associated with the business and IT operations, each organization has to bear some indirect costs for continued operation business and IT operations, known as the Overhead Costs. However, in some cases, they may be irregular or semi-regular and usually don't appear directly in the delivery of a service or creation of a product. Every organization should monitor their overheads as they form a large share of total expenses, and that is where IT consulting could play a critical role in controlling the expenses and still be able to support business objectives.

It's arduous to cut down on expenses directly tied up with the revenue generation, such as raw materials, inventories, etc. However, judicious overhead cutbacks can help in recuperating a slowed down business and bringing back its fortune. Following are some of the advice that can reduce the overhead costs in an organization to make it more cost-effective:

1. Prudent Choice Of Capital IT Resources

There is nothing wrong with saying that the infrastructure belonging to the IT zone absorbs too much energy. Printers and systems are the shared amenities of a contemporary IT realm that needs to be thrifty, and at the same time, failsafe. Shifting to modern devices that promote low-energy consumption and cost-saving are recommended. For instance, making use of outdated drives or motherboards that consume more energy must be replaced.

Shifting to the modern infrastructure may be a little costly, but deploying it after having a word with the IT Support team can avoid unnecessary wastage of funds and make up for any losses within a short span. For instance, moving the business digitally to the Cloud can be pricey, but with the appropriate strategy, an organization can preserve the resources and compensate for the expenses.

2. Effective utilization of IT Services, IT Support, and IT Consulting to reduce overhead cost

    • How IT Consulting can aid with outsourcing?

Some organizations only need minimal IT Services or accounting. Outsourced work from IT Consulting or service providers can cover such work. Appointing contract employees, freelancers, or apprentices for certain tasks will also work in favor of the organization. Certain projects can be handled well by a non-permanent workforce. Implementing such strategies can reduce overhead costs on many fronts.

IT consulting is of particular help as it recommends the optimal usage of technology to accomplish business objectives by enhancing the overall system's efficacy. It will save the business from slowing down and eliminate any undesirable consequences.

    • Making the most of Latest IT Services

Doing more things with less force and devices is what every organization should look forward to achieving. It would be ideal if the existing staff is motivated and trained to achieve the objectives rather than hiring more staff for specific tasks. Making use of IT Services, such as Chatterbots would help in the gradual reduction of unnecessary overhead costs.

Chatterbots are famous for interaction with end-users, who need new service or facing difficulties with the existing one. The communication happens either through audio or text messages. Deploying chatterbots eliminates the need for a human's physical presence at the service desk. The resource hired for this role might be trained and used in other important areas.

    • Refine IT Support with Process Automation

Every organization needs analysis of some specific data such as discovering the client's hardware configurations, information on repeated callers, preemptively identifying the client's log out time from an application, etc. This entire process demand calls in excess, and this being a time-consuming process results in unnecessary call costs, wastage of time that can otherwise be utilized in some productive task, and most importantly, the resources getting stuck in this tedious task.

However, this can be ruled out by implementing Process Automation that makes use of technology to perform any process with minimal or no human intervention. Implementing this will aid in reducing the long term expenses and enhance the delivery and IT Support system.

3. Changing Over The Communication Mode And Campaigning Strategies

The Internet offers telephony through tools like Skype and Google Voice that can drastically reduce phone charges. Also, the elimination of charges for various obligatory services provided by telephone companies is possible. However, before opting for any mode, one must make sure to comprehensively scrutinize all the available solutions based on an organization's needs and the solution fitting best should be chosen.


Moreover, teleconference facilities like Skype, Zoom, etc. can be utilized instead of traveling for a product introduction. It will eliminate the need for taking along the marketing team, reducing the overhead traveling costs. Restricting traveling needs to essential trips will help in being more economical.

4. Saving On Day-To-Day Critical Activities

It is quite evident that going paperless leads to the elimination of outlay as well as littering. Essential documents and messages related to the vendors and engineers can be stored as a PDF on any physical storage media such as hard disks or even Cloud. One can use a digital signature for vital contracts. It will also make the organization environment-friendly, which is an additional advantage.

It would be wise if all the electronic devices, including computers, are kept on standby mode when not in use and shut off entirely at the end of the day.

Many of the employees demand to work from home, which can be encouraged as it can cut down the overhead, utility, and other expenses. A little caution can ultimately lead to considerable savings.

5. Encourage Cognitive Decisions

Smart decisions in matters like location, advertising, rental equipment, etc. can help reduce unnecessary overheads.

  • Equipment rentals Vs. Migrating to Cloud: Many organizations have been in a dilemma when it has come to choosing between buying or renting equipment or migrating to the Cloud. A prudent decision must be made based on the organization's requirements. Procuring small devices that can be easily managed by the trained workforce is ideal, but spinning up the required computing instance is even easier and quicker in the Cloud.
  • Communication/Networking: Things almost obsolete may occupy unnecessary space. Scrutinize the workplace and identify the unnecessary things you hold and pay for regularly without realizing the avoidable expenses. For instance, one may be able to do away with physical business cards that occupy space and waste money. Electronic cards and digital communication and networking using Twitter and LinkedIn can enhance one's profile in a better way.

Final Takeaway

The above were some of the ideas for cutting overhead costs for an organization. Doing away with overhead altogether is not possible.

However, by implementing the above-stated bits of advice, an organization is undoubtedly set to make significant savings and progress.

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