10 Steps To Brand Yourself As An Authority Of Your Niche

28 February, 2014

Branding Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche For Long-term Surefire Success

The only real way to establish yourselves in the minds of your customers, the general public, and in the SERPs is to set your website up as a serious brand. An ironclad brand with a history of credibility and quality products and services is the only way to ensure long-term success. Of course, other factors are necessary for sustaining your business, but establishing brand authority is necessary to seal that success.

Using Social Media And Press Release To Establish Your Brand Authority

It doesn't matter if you’re a professional, a fashion label, a big company, or an artist – you can cement the success of your brand as an authority in your niche and community with social media and press release. Social media is inherently good for building your brand, and press release is excellent in broadcasting your brand. Besides, success on both social media and your press release campaign also means success in the SERPs. So, without further ado, let’s delve right in to what it takes to develop an authoritative presence with social media and press release.
#1. Find out who your customers are using social media.

Companies that know exactly who their customers are do better. They know what’s important to their customers – their culture, concerns, interests, and goals. If you can reach that place where you know where your customers are emotionally, then you can gain a swift upper hand in setting your company apart and establishing your authority. Social media gives you a potent tool to get close with your fans.

Is important to know how your customers are 
#2. Build a great network.

You should surround yourself with the best – and most influential – customers. If you can surround yourself with prospects who represent your demographic and your competition, you can put your finger on the pulse of the industry. When you know exactly how the industry ticks, you will gain an upper hand. You should try to locate the relevant conversations, users, and brands in your niche by searching or using social networking. You can also crowdsource, which is a great way to see how people feel about a product, industry, or brand. If you have the results of a broad survey, you will be in a better position to know what to do to set your company apart as an authority in your niche.
#3. Being a professional brand means going the extra mile.

You have to establish some kind of consistency, quality, and professionalism to brand yourself as an authority. Just like you wouldn’t compromise the quality of a product, you can’t carry out a half-assed social media and press release effort. Create an editorial calendar, hire an editor to check the quality of your social media posts, and hire a content writer who will set your company apart with content quality. Every once in while, issue a quality press release. Announce something big or simply write something that reflects your niche and industry. A brand which regularly issue quality press release are often viewed as trustworthy and it helps to brand yourself as an authority.
#4. Craft unique social media and press release campaign.

In order to really set yourself apart from your competitors, you have to carry out social media campaigns that are really unique. It used to be enough to just have a social media presence, but now you have to go that extra mile and have really unique social media campaigns. Take advantage of what each social media platform are able to provide, host an event on Facebook or do a give away by utilizing Twitter's #hashtag. If you are looking for some inspiration, remember to grab this marketing study on how famous big names build their brands on social media sites.

Social media campaign to build your brand authority.

And whenever you held an event or campaign on social media, remember to also broadcast your campaign by issuing a series of press releases. Don't just send one or two of them, send one week before your event even started, send one just before your event start, and send one right after your event ended. By utilizing technique like this, you are building a very strong signal telling everyone (and also Google) of how big your event are. And that's exactly what you need to brand yourself as an authority.
#5. Enhance your social media and press release campaign with statistics.

You can educate your audience with information, facts, and states that are related to your niche or industry. Post these information on your social media sites and also include them in your press release. Do take note that you need to ensure that the information is important to your audience and stirs them to want to learn more about your business. Also make sure your information don't sounds generic and dull, that would only tarnish your brand's authority.
#6. Videos are an excellent way to brand your brand authority.

Videos are an excellent way to connect, engage your customer base, and brand your company. There are a lot of options open to you. You can share video clips of yourself offering expertise or tips. You can show off your products. Or, you can get creative with humorous videos. Do this when you issue a press release too, a press release with video are known to increase a press release's engagement rate. Get a press release provider that allows you to include video in your press release.

MarketersMedia Video Press Release

(Not sure which service to go for? Look no further away as we, MarketersMedia allow video embedding on all of our plans.)
#7. Photos are just plain essential.

You can share photos of you and your business doing things. Are you a presenter or speaker? You can share photos of you speaking at events in your social media feed and pres release. Is your business based around a certain product? You can share photos of your most popular products. You can even post pictures of yourself at training or industry events.
#8. Graphics are the way to go.

Pay for branded graphics that feature quotes, tips, or images relevant to your niche. Cement yourself in the users’ minds by seamlessly weaving your brand into industry symbols. Make your brand a common part of the iconography in your niche. Share these images on your social media feed and press release.
#9. Write as much as you can.

Content marketing is an effective form of marketing. Writing blog posts, articles, and special reports will help your target audience solve their problems. They will connect your brand with solutions. Offer tips on your social media site on a regular basis, issue a press release whenever you've done a special reports. By broadcasting knowledge, you are positioning yourself as an authority of your niche.
#10. Design sets your brand apart.

One of the best ways to set your brand apart in this saturated online market is through design. Design will always make your brand stand out, a good design will also help people to remember your brand.

Design your social media page to build up your authority.

Make sure your social media pages are visually pleasing, if you are also driving in traffic from your press release, make sure the landing page is nicely designed. The last thing you want is to looks like you came from the 90's.


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