Vertical Holdings Acquires Sergemd Strengthening Healthcare Portfolio

29 June, 2015

In an effort to strengthen its medical portfolio, Vertical Holdings announced today it has acquired Sergemd, a preeminent business and technology solutions provider for healthcare physician practices. Sergemd provides technical and medical consulting services to nearly 300 clients and has a state of the art call center that provides 24/7 end-user support. Its team of consultants work with a full array of specialty clinics from pediatrics to urgent care to provide managed services, select and implement EMR systems, improve workflow, and manage regulatory compliance.

“Over time, this deal will demonstrate our commitment to empowering our customers with interesting tools and services that they can use to further enhance their experience with Sergemd. Our growth will result in greater profitability for the many physicians we serve now and into the future” commented Rick Linder, CEO of Sergemd.

“The Sergemd team understands how to leverage technology in healthcare, beyond just installing an EMR. This is vitally important for clinicians, regardless of clinic size or specialty. This is a win-win-win, for Sergemd, Vertical Holdings and most especially our clients” explained Herbert L. Drayton, III, Vertical Holdings President and CEO.

About SergeMd: Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Sergemd began and continues to be a NextGen EHR/PM reseller that provides healthcare IT support as well as managed services to physician practices throughout the Mid-South region. Visit to learn more.

About Vertical Holdings, LLC: Located in Charleston, SC with more than 1,000 clients in 21 states, it has core business operations in health care, software development, technical training, B2B and B2C SaaS platforms, and medical consulting. Visit to learn more.

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