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The Human Fund Unveils Their All New Cryptocurrency – the HF Token

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The Human Fund™, a leading name in the global currency transfer sector, has announced their new cryptocurrency, the HF token. Harnessing the power of the blockchain, the Company looks to provide streamlined financial support to charities using their decentralized fund transfer technology.

— During the recent Blockchain Week New York and Consensus 2018, The Human Fund™ has unveiled their new HF token. The token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and hopes to eliminate hurdles that inhibit charities from receiving funds from all over the globe. The Company’s goal is to achieve Money for People™. This announcement comes as a consequence of the recent proclamation made by the Company’s CEO regarding the establishment of The Human Fund as a one-stop solution to all finance transfer problems across the globe.

“We, at The Human Fund, aim to become the pinnacle of all currency transfers taking place around the globe. Our revolutionary inclusion, the HF token is a major step in that direction,” said Arthur Vandelay, the CEO of The Human Fund.
Existing inconsistencies during intra and inter border fund transfer emerged to be the driving factor behind this new creation.
According to the CEO, cross-border monetary transactions incur significant charges, with the transfer and sanctioning time proving to be overwhelming hassles. By harnessing the efficiencies of blockchain technology, The Human Fund strives to unify global financial exchange under a single platform.

Backing the CEO’s statement, the Head of Marketing said that the Ethereum blockchain provides transparency to its fellow participants in validating each transaction that takes place. In addition to maintaining authenticity, it serves to be a verifiable database for storing all records and transactions with immense security.

Catering to brief introductions, focus was shifted towards serving charitable foundations. While The Human Fund aims to be the primary force behind all transactions, as of now, they are shifting their attention towards helping charitable organisations.

This Company is presently looking to ensure that funds of charity reach the needy without delay. According to them, with their HF token at disposal, both individuals, as well as organisations, will be able to send monetary support to NGOs and institutions with velocity and accuracy.

In this context, the CEO brought forward all benefits of a decentralized system. According to him, “Compared to the existing centralized system, cryptocurrency does not reside within government clutches and therefore, does not incur any cross-border charges.”

He further added that this decentralized currency of HF token would allow people to send financial assistance to affected and economically deprived individuals and communities irrespective of their geographic location.

Additionally, no extra charges will be incurred on any of the transactions which makes this process more lucid and transparent.

Mr. Vandelay also revealed that The Human Fund will soon be announcing a scholarship for university students. He said that the goal is to give away at least one million HF tokens to students that show promise and details will be revealed in a forthcoming announcement.

Progressively, this Company announced their intention to develop a new mobile crypto-wallet. With this wallet at disposal, users will be not only be able to make transactions but also store their procured virtual money securely.
To build an efficient Ethereum blockchain based application, The Human Fund is looking to ease the problems associated with cross-border currency transfers. However, the true benefits of the HF Token can only be presumed with the test of time.

About the Company:
The Human Fund™ was founded by Arthur Vandelay after many decades of experience in the import and export business. His global experience revealed many flaws in the underlying system for cross-border financial transfers. These problems troubled Mr. Vandelay so he established The Human Fund to steward society to his concept of Money for People™. He believes the HF token is the first step in this global plan to bring humanity to the blockchain. With an able team at disposal, the Company’s HF Token forms the base of all their transactions.

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Organization: The Human Fund
Address: New York, NY

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