That Broadway Smile Children’s Orthodontist Launches Themed Dentistry Experiences For Kids

That Broadway Smile specialize in children’s and special needs dentistry, and offer an immersive movie theatre and arcade experience for children to enjoy their time at the dentist.

— As adults, many people find a trip to the dentist to be an occasion to fear, and this is almost always because their formative experiences of dentistry as a child were clinical, unfamiliar and by today’s standards, primitive. Dentistry has advanced a great deal since then, and children nowadays needn’t experience the same trauma-based aversion as their parents. That Broadway Smile is a specialist orthodontic practice for children with Autism and special needs, and has themed its practice like a movie theatre to make the experience enjoyable for all.

The Pediatric Dentist in Nassau County has prioritized the child’s subjective experience of the dentist throughout their entire practice and brand identity, from having a fun cartoon mascot to a fully integrated movie theatre and X-Box play area to keep children entertained while they wait for their appointment.

As leading specialists in working with people with special needs, the Pediatric Dentist in Long Island is uniquely well placed to help children with Autism and other behavioral conditions who may ordinarily struggle with trips to the dentist, by communicating expectations in a clear and comprehensive way with kindness, patience and professionalism.

A spokesperson for That Broadway Smile explained, “We have created the movie theatre and X-Box stations because we know that these forms of stimulation provide a portal for children’s attention which is almost hypnotic while remaining stimulating to their senses, essentially distracting them from the mild discomfort that can sometimes be caused by dental processes. Our trained staff and dentists are friendly, patient and calm and expert at communicating expectations to children so that they are not caught by surprise, making the whole experience fun and enjoyable, and something they’d rather repeat than avoid in the future.”

That Broadway Smile specializes in pediatric and special needs dentistry. The movie theatre themed practice is designed to be stimulating and enjoyable for children to avoid bad experiences going to the dentist. At "That Broadway Smile," the top priority is helping children achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile in a fun, nurturing and friendly environment. Head of practice Dr. Nesnay has been practicing in Nassau County Long Island in Massapequa, NY for over 10 years.

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