Teknisult Introduces Easy To Use Camera/DVR for School Bus Usage

Easy to use camera/DVR for school bus usage allows drivers and administration to track licence plates of law breakers.

— According to data recently released on the 2012-13 school year, nine children were killed during the loading and unloading of a school bus. The bus loading and unloading statistics have been collected since the 1970-71 school year, when 75 danger zone fatalities were reported. In the 43 years since the survey began, there have 1,212 deaths recorded. To counter these catastrophic statistics Teknisult, a camera design and development company has introduced a school bus stop sign and in bus video capture system for use by school systems in Canada and the US.

Says the company spokesperson, "This project has been seven years in development, with 18 successful live pilot tests across Canada and USA. It's been an unqualified success. We're very proud to offer a product to counter the many people who take road safety so lightly. Our TKD Dual DVR (Digital Video Recording) system is designed to capture high definition license plate video on a Solid State SD memory card at D1 video resolution and to capture high quality In-Bus Video for school use, onto a removable Solid State Memory."

According to the company website, this type of technology features a camera housing which was specifically designed for school bus installations. "Our technology is fully proven, engineered and patented with Camera and DVR technologies specifically designed for extreme school bus environments." Additionally, the cameras offer pre-set engineered focal length and a pre-set field of vision angle for a clean license plate image capture every time. Says the Teknisult spokesperson, "Now, action can be taken with the results of a school bus camera. No longer do bus drivers have to wish there were a police car riding by to see what just happened. They have proof in their hands."

Traffic camera manufacturers such as Teknisult have made a name for themselves providing technology for police forces across the world. Says the company spokesperson, "It was a natural progression to go from police uses to the school realm. With this sturdy, easy to use camera and dvr, the driver and administrations are able to monitor traffic as well as on-bus behavior. What a tool, they now have at their disposal."
About Teknisult:

Teknisult, was founded in 1984 as a Canadian Federally Registered Company. They have grown from a small computer and network shop to a fully integrated research, development & procurement company as well as on of the leading red light camera companies. Teknisult operates on the belief in ethical business principles and offering an accessible source for new and innovative products. Teknisult's vision is to become synonymous with Industry Designed Products and Mobile Video Security Development and Procurement across North America.

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