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SwissMadeMarketing Announces New Websites, Features and Subscription Options

SwissMadeMarketing announces; new dedicated websites for each of their hosted products, new features for SECockpit available in three editions at different price points, existing customers grandfathered into Agency edition and more.

— SwissMadeMarketing, a privately held Swiss company, based near the capital city of Bern has made several announcements. The first is the release of new dedicated websites for each of the company's hosted products; SECockpit, Traffic Analysis, Backlink Spy, Rank Tracker and LocalBizProfit. This is part of the company's strategy for 2014. Parsing each of it's tools to their own dedicated website not only provides SEO advantages, but will better serve it's customers.

Next are the new features added to SECockpit which include:
- A new project management module with new on page and off page tasks
- Keyword Research in Expert mode (custom formula)
- Extended competition information
- Compare websites directly with the top ten competitors of a particular keyword
- More Data: Organic Value
- Agencies can now generate beautiful reports of keyword and ranking data

SwissMadeMarketing has also announced the introduction of three editions of SECockpit at three different price points; Personal, Pro and Agency. This move is designed to give customers more choice and it offers a less expensive option which will provide access to the casual user.

Generating additional excitement is the announcement that existing SECockpit subscribers are grandfathered into the Agency Edition of SECockpit at no additional cost.

SwissMadeMarketing continues to provide valuable insight to SEO and it's products in live webinar events and recordings for those who miss a live event. For example, the resent SECockpit webinar/recording provides a step-by-step process for efficiently building backlinks. Building backlinks is usually a very time consuming process which if done incorrectly will produce too few results for the amount of effort invested. SwissMadeMarketing clearly lays out a strategy that will produce quality backlinks as a by-product of creating quality content. The new version of SECockpit provides guidance to this and other tasks directly within the Project Management module with embedded video, example content for every step and all of the portals that actually work and provide a quality listing.

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Name: Carmine Delligatti
Organization: SwissMadeMarketing
Address: Füllerichstrasse 34 3073 Muri bei Bern 031 952 51 50
Phone: +41 (0)31 952 51 50

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