Retire-At-Home Services Boosts Efforts Amid Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

As the Alzheimer Society of Canada launches its annual awareness campaign this January, Retire-At-Home services is bolstering the efforts with an assortment of online resources.

— Retire-At-Home Services, a senior health care services company, is currently undertaking an initiative to promote the awareness of Alzheimer's disease and its shocking statistics, which remain widely unclear to the general public. These efforts have been timed to coincide with the Alzheimer Society's annual Awareness Month, whose aims are to increase public awareness of the disease and counteract its stigma in a month-long campaign. In hopes of appealing to younger readers, Retire-At-Home Services has created an infographic (seen here), an easy-to-read graphic representation of data, which describes important Alzheimer's statistics across Canada. Due to its format and readability, the infographic is often a successful medium for reaching as many viewers as possible in a short time span.

Also among the company's online efforts is a central Alzheimer's event webpage where readers can find local Alzheimer's Awareness Month activities, talks, and group walks. View the events happening in the location here.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, a general term for a chronic decline in mental ability which impedes an individual's daily functioning. The condition is one of Canada's leading causes of death, where approximately 50 percent of cases are not diagnosed early enough. Early detection of Alzheimer's is vital, leading to early access to information, medication, and opportunities to plan ahead and understand the significant life-altering changes that occur.

For twenty years, Retire-At-Home Services has been providing in-home, around the clock care to senior citizens with a variety of custom needs - a service which has often proven to be imperative for those suffering with Alzheimer's. These services are aimed at facilitating the daily activities hindered by the disease's effect on memory, speech, motor skills, and mood. Retire-At-Home Services, with locations across Canada, aims to improve the quality of life of those living with Alzheimer's through a comprehensive program that doesn't require moving to a care facility. Combined with their effective method of home care services, the team at Retire-At-Home Services will continue their campaign to promote awareness this January in hopes of improving the circumstances of those living with Alzheimer's.

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