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Share This Press Release, the nation’s leading pre-made gourmet food kitchen and delivery service, has now added a kids menu, shown to help with ADHD and Autism symptoms, Paleo Diet balanced meals that are heated up and are ready for delivery today

— The Paleo Diet or Hunter and Gatherer Diet is better for all kids. Growing bodies and minds need massive amounts of nutrition which can be acquired easily through the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet provides clean meals comprised of hormone free proteins, good fats and organic vegetable/fruit blends ideal for today's generation of children requiring less processed foods for improved focusing, stamina and improved immunity due to multiple food allergies and sensitivities. The typical child prefers easier to chew foods that are not too spicy. They also prefer simple foods that are not too gourmet or exotic.’s menu reflects this well.

For most people, the breakdown of dietary protein into smaller and smaller proteins and finally into individual amino acids is a process that is smoothly completed as food travels through the digestive system. However, for an Autistic or ADHD individual, it has been found that a defect in the intestinal wall permits incompletely digested components of the original proteins to pass from the intestine into the bloodstream.

“By removing sources of gluten and casein from the diet of autistic children, we have had immense success in at least alleviating and at times eliminating the symptoms of autism and ADHD.” Robert Cade, MD, University of Florida, Departments of Medicine and Physiology.

What entrees and snacks exclude:
Soy, wheat, barley, rye, corn, sugar, preservatives, rice, dairy, white potatoes, legumes, vegetable oils, and flour.

“The’s service is in most cases, the ideal solution for our clients with food sensitivities and chronic disease.” Lori L. Roman, PharmaD and co-founder of FoodScript,LLC Promoting Food Sensitivity Awareness & Education.

Parents can also save an additional 10% when ordering pre-made Paleo Diet Food from either the Kids or the regular menu for their first order by using the discount code PaleoKids at checkout.

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