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New Pergola Design Feels Like Lounging with the Sunroof Open

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Struxure Outdoor announces new sliding pergola design that allows for the complete customization of sun exposure.

— Struxure Outdoor, a Pergola Company, recently announced their new pergola design and it is changing the way homeowners enjoy their time in the outdoors. A traditional pergola has wide slats at the top that allow for sun exposure without much control. With the new design, pergolas can be fully adjusted according to the direction of the sun and how much sun exposure a person wants. Summer and early fall are the best times to enjoy pergolas, but some people use theirs all year long.

Hardly a new invention, records indicate pergolas have been around for about 3,000 years. Although style changes have certainly come and gone, the basics of the pergola have remained constant over the centuries. The first mention of a pergola was around 1400 BC. A garden plan, owned by an Egyptian High Court official, was discovered and it offered detailed information on a pergola that was to be placed at the garden entry.

Pergolas have been used to house hanging gardens, grow vegetation, and provide a decorative element to gardens and landscapes. While pergolas were once reserved for the elite, they are now considered an affordable option for just about any budget. They are used for entryways, backyards, gardens, pool areas, and as accents in all types of landscape designs. They are used with Patio Covers to protect the space.

Throughout history, pergolas have been constructed from many different materials. They have been found in ancient Greece and Rome and were a big part of the architecture in Italy and Asia. Once made of stone and rock, modern developments have led to pergola construction from wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. With the introduction of vinyl and fiberglass, pergolas have become more weather-resistant, so they are less likely to become damaged over time, due to exposure.

A top reason consumers purchase pergolas is sun protection. The slats in a pergola are spaced several inches apart to protect from the sun's harsh shine. Now, advanced designs allow for a greater level of customization. Users can easily open their pergola sliders to see a full view of the sky above or adjust the slides to let in some light as the sun changes direction. Whether during the day to catch the sun's rays or at night for stargazing, this new design offers innovative ways to enjoy sitting under a pergola.

New owners of the revolutionary design say it feels almost like riding with the sunroof open in their car. When the heat gets to be too much, users can simply move the slides back in place and divert the sun's rays for cooling shade. This design implementation takes pergolas to a new level of use and makes them a more attractive option for those who sometimes want sun exposure and at times would rather sit in the shade.

No matter the position of the sun, the slides can be adjusted to provide the perfect level of light or cover. As time goes on, there are sure to be continued design and material changes, but the traditional shape and use of the pergola will remain much the same. It will be interesting to see how new materials come into play over the years. Now that the pergola slides are moveable, this may usher in further design element changes that make pergolas even more useful.

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