Induction Lighting Proves it has its Place In the Energy Efficiency Market

23 January, 2015

Tera Induction Lighting is a provider of energy-efficient induction lighting in the USA and abroad. The Tera team has been in the forefront of the induction lighting technology, which has evolved globally over the last few years, offering induction lighting for shoebox lights, parking lots, parking garage, wallpacks, sports facilities, retro fits, high bay lights, flood lights, canopy lights, and gas station lights.

With a historical failure rate of a meager 2%, induction lighting has been recognized to be reliable for energy savings than other lights. It is a proven technology that comes with 10 year warranty and 22 years of life expectancy, thus making it the best environmental friendly solution.

Induction lighting has many advantages over LED lighting. Paul Pape says, “Induction lighting was invented over 100 years ago, and some people mistake it for an old technology. The truth, it is a proven and reliable source, so people need to be made aware of the benefits of using Induction lighting and how it symbolizes cost reduction and reuse. While LED lighting has its place in the market in most indoor applications it shouldn’t be sold as the only solution. Like Led Lights, induction lights cut down tremendously on the energy cost by 50 to 60%, reduce usage, longer lifespan and is overall a greener option over any other lighting options.”

Induction lighting functions by using an electromagnetic field to react with the mercury. These bulbs are excited through electromagnet instead of metal prongs, thus reducing the chances of faulty bulbs. Due to longevity of induction lamps, it is an ideal solution for areas which are not easily accessible, for example – high ceiling, high lamp post, bridges and so on. It also provides better quality of light, and has the quality of switching on and off instantly. This makes it ideal to use in garages or warehouses.

About Induction Lighting:

Tera Induction Lighting is a leading provider of induction lighting in New York and New Jersey (USA). The company has been known for its professional expertise, quality of service, reliability and sustained performance.

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