Hoffman Stern Launches Website To Combat Facebook Like Fraud With Real Likes

Hoffman Stern offers a premium Facebook likes services for businesses to develop their marketing solutions, and has launched a new site to expose the fraudsters taking businesses for a ride.

— Since Facebook was monetized, its stock has dropped dramatically as a result of the apparent inability of businesses to translate their Facebook advertising and community presences into directly observable results. This may not be a problem with Facebook itself however, and more to do with businesses failing to understand how to use it to generate leads. Hoffman Stern specializes in enabling businesses to get to grips with Facebook as a marketing tool, and have now launched a website designed to expose fraudsters who make grand claims without the ability to deliver.

The website centers on the use of bought Facebook likes, and explains the pitfalls and trappings as well as the benefits of this practice depending on the source of the Likes. The site helps individuals to identify quality products, including avoiding cheap services that can do more harm than good. Hoffman Stern believe the key factors in identifying a good Facebook Marketing provider are the presence of robust support and communication, price of the services and the location of the company in western developed nations.

The company itself offers high quality USA Fans and likes for businesses from real users, not from bots or from international click farms. The purpose of the site is to differentiate premium services that can make a real difference and those budget services that can do more harm than good, with bogus like farms resulting in business pages being penalised or even banned.

A spokesperson for explained, “We have been in this form of Facebook marketing since its inception three years ago, and as such we have evolved our businesses practices to stay one step ahead of Facebook’s own regulations, ensuring we are always within their terms of service to avoid penalties for customers. We have a proven marketing plan that delivers businesses with high quality likes from genuine human likers within their business territories, helping them genuinely build their online profile and reputation so that new customers who discover the company will be more likely to trust them. Our new site is all about exposing the many ways in which competitors fail to achieve this, so people can understand why our service is so invaluable.”

About Hoffman Stern:
Hoffman Stern is a site dedicated to offering only the best results in the Facebook marketing arena. They offer real human fans and likes for fan pages and businesses. They are geared towards offering measurable and guaranteed results for social media marketers, with over three years of experience in the business.

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