Argyle Diamond Investments Launches Latest Pink Diamond Investment Opportunity

As the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine draws closer, the world's rarest diamonds will only continue to surge in value, publishes

— Recent reports from the diamond industry forecast continued growth in the value of rough diamonds during the years to come. This uptick is being largely contributed to a broadening gap in supply versus demand through decade's end. Though pink diamonds already outrank most other varieties in overall market price, the pending closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine is expected to drive the value of these rare finds to unprecedented heights. With this in mind, Craig Leonard of Argyle Diamond Investments has launched the company's latest investment opportunity.

Said Leonard, "Diamonds have long been considered a worthwhile investment option for a number of reasons, not the least of which are their beauty and value. Pink diamonds far surpass others due to their rarity. As the Argyle Diamond Mine grows closer to its 2020 closure, their worth only promises to surge. We hold one of the world's largest caches of these exclusive commodities, second only to the mine itself, and we're the nation's leading wholesale supplier of investment-quality pink diamonds. We're extending our supply to the public as well as offering advice on making the best investment choices when considering this particular commodity."

Located in the Kimberley region of Australia, the Argyle Diamond Mine generates more than 90 percent of the global pink diamond supply. Since its discovery in 1979, this site has become one of the world's most reliable sources of pink as well as brown and champagne diamonds. Closure of the mine is expected to have a significant impact on the industry moving forward.

Rarity has been deemed the primary driving force behind the consistently surging value of pink diamonds. In addition to only being found in a select few locations worldwide, only one carat out of every million mined is considered gem-quality pink. Due to this scarcity, these varieties appreciate much more so than others. In comparison to the 10 to 260 percent uptick in worth of other natural diamonds, pink versions have surged in value between 200 and more than 450 percent over the last decade.

Concluded Leonard, "Pink diamonds offer a noteworthy hedge against inflation and help create a more diversified portfolio. Any number of jewelers offer them on a retail level, but their purchase prices include markups to cover their own expenses. Quickly generating the highest possible ROI is best achieved by purchasing at wholesale prices. We're here to offer our extensive supply of the world's highest quality pink diamonds and our essential buying guide designed to help investors learn more about what to look for and what to avoid."

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Founded in 1932, Argyle Diamond Investments is Australia's leading source of investment-quality argyle pink diamonds.

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