Alaska Financial Company Invites Investors Via Online Video Series

Alaska Financial Company’s online video series aims to inform investors about the stability of trust deeds and invite them to participate.

Alaska Financial Company hopes that a new video series will convince potential customers of the safety and stability of trust deeds as an investment vehicle. Launching the video series as part of a new social media marketing campaign, Alaska Financial Company hopes to attract investors seeking a non-stock market option.

Caleb Preston, the Director of Marketing at Alaska Financial Company is featured in several of the videos, introducing the company to viewers and sharing interesting stories about the company’s past as well as its focus on trust deeds for investing.

“We're a family-owned business that's been based out of Anchorage, Alaska, since 1989,” says Preston. “What we do is we offer investors a safe, stable source of income backed by real estate notes. Over the years we've paid investors a hundred million interest income from these first trust deeds and have purchased over 2,700 of these real estate-backed deeds of trust.”

Clients with success stories to share are also featured in the online video series providing testimonials on what it’s like to work with Alaska Financial Company and how their investments are performing. One client, John Trautner has been an investor with Alaska Financial Company since 2008 and often recommends the company to others.

“Alaska Financial Company allows you to invest in pooled trust deeds without the hassles or risks of holding real estate notes directly.” says Trautner. “Really, the thing I like best about Alaska Financial Company is it does give me the safety of having pooled investment. It's a fixed return. You can count on that.”

The company hopes to attract new investors via the online videos and encourages viewers to contact the company with any questions. Preston hopes that the friendly yet knowledgeable atmosphere of his company is apparent to viewers.

“We're a local, family business here in Anchorage. Alaska, and we're approachable,” says Preston. “We take time to get to know you and you can come in and talk to any of our friendly staff at any point in time.”

About Alaska Financial Company:
Alaska Financial Company believes that income investing should be safe and easy. The company allows clients to invest in pooled trust deeds without the hassles or risks of holding real estate notes directly. Clients will earn strong, steady, fixed investment returns of 7-8% all backed by tangible real estate. There are no fees and clients won't have to worry about stock market volatility. With Alaska Financial Company, clients don’t have to forfeit peace of mind for income.

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