Zebra Beddings Expands Range Of Animal Print Themed Linens With New Leopard Section

05 January, 2015

Some people like to think of themselves as wild things, and never more so than in the bedroom. Many people like to evoke the feeling of the wild in their choice of linens, and bold, loud patterns like zebra print can send an instant statement to anyone entering the territory. ZebraBeddings.com is a website that can fulfill those needs in full, with a huge range of zebra themed items. For those with a more predatory inclination however they may wish to evoke something more sinuous and elegant than the zebra. As such, Zebra Beddings is expanding for the first time into leopard print related products.

The company is celebrating the introduction of a new and exotic animal print theme with a sixty percent sale on all items across the existing range (www.zebrabeddings.com/all-zebra-bedding/), making January a great time to invest in these brash fashion statements. The products are of the very highest quality, and come in a wide range of sizing options from Twin to the epic Cal King.

The new leopard print offerings will be introduced in January and will mark a major turning point for the company, which had previously solely focused on Zebra print. Animal print allows people to get a taste of the exotic as well as unique and bold patterns into the bedroom that would otherwise be difficult to come by.

A spokesperson for www.ZebraBeddings.com explained, “We are thrilled to be able to increase the number of patterns we provide by a 100% in 2015, and we know that leopard print will provide an equally fun and wild addition to the collections of our regular customers, who may well enjoy a change of pace from their traditional zebra prints. Equally, we know that leopard print is coming back into fashion in a big way this year, so we are poised to capitalize. Best of all, because our products are all of the best quality, we know that these spreads will last a lifetime.”

About Zebra Beddings: Zebra Beddings, a Robins Company is an exclusive online specialty store that provides a great variety of zebra and leopard print related products. They offer a wide selection of zebra bedding, zebra accessories, and many other great products. They offer their products year round and are always expanding their product range. The site offers only the greatest quality products.

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