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Yang Yuqi—The Maverick Gourmet Queen On The Red Carpet

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On the red carpet of 72nd Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony, Ms. Yang Yuqi, a minor ethnic group catering entrepreneur from China...

— On the red carpet of 72nd Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony, Ms. Yang Yuqi, a minor ethnic group catering entrepreneur from China, peered with internationally well-known film artists and stars as a special guest of the Film Festival, she was impressive and remarkable.

She was born in an ordinary rural area, without a prominent family background, this quiet and elegant oriental lady, as early as 15 years ago, when she was only 25 years old, with her unique insights of food culture and business intelligence, in less than two years, she has established more than 10,000 “Tujia Cake” franchise stores, and it has once become a research topic for Chinese MBA business schools.

With the rapid development of China's economy, all professional fields and industries are constantly upgrading. In 2015, sharp as Yang Yuqi, once again, she started a high-end gourmet enterprise,Shanghai New Partner Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. with “New Thinking, New Normalcy” as the managerial concept and use “Customer Experience + Brand Building” as the business orientation, focused on develop and operate a series of specialty delicacy brands. Currently, Ms. Yang Yuqi has launched three brands, Rolled Pie, Seafood Sees Noddle, and Stirred Noddle.

From the creation of the Xianglai Conceptual Restaurant, which is to eat Chinese food in Western restaurant environment, to a variety of desserts, iced desserts, freshly squeezed juice, dry pot, Chu cuisine and other specialty delicacies, almost every attempt brought profit for her. Three years ago, Yang Qiqi held the idea of “willingness and kindness”, introduced the traditional snack “Tujia Cake” to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other metropolises, let the young fashion style pays tribute to the classics! The ingenuity of making and returning to homey taste, the unique catering aesthetics thrived on the market once again.

Today, Yang Yuqi is already a food and beverage veteran with rich experience in franchise and management. Being different and dare to be the first person has always been her character. She said, “From brand concept to market positioning, there is no one in the market like us. In our field, I am the benchmark.” She firmly believes that local specialties can be distributed to major commercial real estates across the country through a personalized dining experience, brand culture and standard craftsmanship, combining American franchise systems with Japanese craftsmanship to serve “those who have a glutton soul but trapped in the concrete jungle”. Bringing Chinese traditional specialty delicacies to the world is exactly what Yang Qiqi is doing now and in the future.

Ms. Yang Yuqi also attracted the attention from Cannes Film Festival because of her brand's unique creativity and value, thus warmly invited her to attend the opening ceremony. On the red carpet, Ms. Yang Yuqi keeps her style of maverick. Firstly, during the night, she is the only debutante without nail beauty; secondly, her clothing is unique, the embroideries on her coat represents spices in Chinese delicacies, star anise,cinnamon, pepper, bell pepper and millet pepper; her earrings are Tujia Cakes.

The marketing model of “Star + Blockbuster + Exotic + CEO” has subtly integrated the brand temperament of “New Partner” into the artistic atmosphere of Cannes. The traditional concept of Chinese cuisine has spread to the world with Ms. Yang’s casual appearance, and with the "Cannes" story of "New Partner", the world has more expectations for the brand internationalization

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