WordPress Developer Claims Schema Markup Is Most Valuable Unknown Website Tool

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Schema Markup is an underused SEO tool developed by the search engines to make the task of matching keywords with their chosen websites and searcher expectations much more successful.

In an era when many local business owners now accept the advantages of using SEO techniques to improve their chances of ranking for common keywords in search engines, comparatively few have found the pot of gold that is Schema Markup. Even fewer know what it is and how to use it.

Schema markup is easily added code developed specifically by the four major search engines to help them understand what a website is about and who might be interested in the products, services or information it provides. The problem is it looks complicated, so most folks shy away and ignore the advantages they could instantly create over their competition.

Google’s official definition of Schema Markup is “a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.” A great way to think about the general advantage schema provides is to imagine clearly labeling all of the functions, products and services provided on a site so that the search engines can more easily match those descriptions with the expectations of the searcher.

WordPress pro Marshall Reyher of MPR Studio puts it this way. “Searching on Google for a bar near your location on a Wednesday evening will return lots of options. Local bars without schema markup just report their name and a general description in search results. A bar with schema however will show food specials on Wednesdays, any discounts that apply that day, or events that are happening that night.”

Similar advantages are available for every type of business. Events and deeper product or service insights show up automatically in search, meaning searchers get a warm feeling this is the place for them without having to pull up other sources like Facebook pages for additional information.

The level of sophistication provide by schema markup used to have to be hard coded into a site by a software pro. Now, WordPress site owners can get all the benefits of schema through easily installed plugins.

Reyher adds “Once the plugins are set up for a client, site narratives like event descriptions, location details and offers like BOGO are handled and incorporate into the schema.”

The local search benefits are impressive and almost instantaneous. Once the new schema markup is indexed the search engines see a site using search enhancement code that can be offered to a searcher with more certainty the site is going to match expectations.

Visit MPR Studio today to dig further into schema markup.

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