Women Weight Lifting Benefits Prevent Osteoporosis Gain Strength Report Released

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A leading online store that specializes in the care of women over the age of 50 has released a report with eye-opening information about the benefits of lifting weights.

Ageless Beauty Store, an online beauty enhancement store for women over 50 store has released a report about the benefits of women over 50 lifting weights. Government statistics report that only 18% of women between 40 and 59 get enough exercise.

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The online beauty store reports in this release state that when women hit 60 the number of women who exercise drops to just 12%. The release goes over many of the common reasons that women avoid weight training.

According to personal trainers, the biggest reason women give them for not working out with weight is that they are afraid they will bulk up and get big. Most women are averse to big, bulging muscles with veins popping out that they see in the media.

Personal trainers can avert this fear by letting women know that the individuals on the covers of muscle magazines spend all their time working on developing those big muscles and that they are in no danger of having that happen in their bodies.

Other objections include finding the gym intimidating, not knowing what exercises to do, and not enjoying the gym environment. These factors and others may be depriving women from valuable health benefits.

This release gives several benefits of weight training for women over 50 that include improved metabolism, better muscle-to-fat ratio, lean muscle tissue, and more lean muscle mass.

There is also a reduced risk of osteoporosis. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, the disease affects 200 million women around the world. The report states that lifting weights is one of the best ways to avoid this disease, and the fractures, broken hips and falls that come with osteoporosis.

The release lists several additional benefits for women lifting weights including reduced risk of some forms of cancer, improved mental health, and happier moods, reduced symptoms of menopause, including fewer and less severe hot flashes, better hormone balance, including the hormones linked with the sex drive and more.

Butterfly Ageless Beauty hopes the release of this report will motivate women over 50 to hit the gym and start lifting weights.

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