Wine Cooler & Freestanding Refrigerator Website Launched

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A new wine cooler review and information site has been launched, called Underground Wine Merchants. It offers details on the difference between wine coolers and wine refrigerators, and the best options to buy.

A new site has launched with a focus on offering the best wine cooler and wine fridge reviews, called Underground Wine Merchants. It is run by wine experts for wine lovers, and delivers only quality information and reports to the wine loving public.

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Anyone thinking about getting a wine cooler will find all the information they need on the Underground Wine Merchants site. It covers single zone wine coolers, dual zone wine coolers, and built-in wine coolers.

It also highlights the difference between wine coolers and wine refrigerators, as most people have no idea which is the best option to buy. What’s more, it’s often the case that both of these terms are used interchangeably, so it can be hard to know where to begin.

The team at Underground Wine Merchants state that wine refrigerators use technology that isn’t unlike what a regular fridge uses. However, wine coolers are generally work by drawing the heat away from bottles instead of cooling them in the traditional way.

There are a number of benefits to having a wine cooler in the home, and chief among them is that the homeowner will always have access to perfectly cooled wine. Coolers are available in a variety of sizes, so homeowners can easily store the right amount of bottles for their needs.

Being able to drink wine at their ideal temperature is hugely important, especially for whites and roses. If the wine is not served at a temperature that suits it, the drink can lose texture and aroma.

With the right wine cooler, homeowners can stock their wine at precise temperatures so that every time they drink, they enjoy the wine at its best.

A wide range of options are reviewed on the Underground Wine Merchants website, including the LANBO Wine chiller, the Allavino 56 Bottle Single Zone, and the Antarctic Star Wine Cooler.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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