Win BSG Online Announces Business Strategy Game Tips, Secrets, & Guide for 2019

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Win BSG Online continues to set the stage for students seeking to win in the business strategy game. The updated guide come from a Grand Master that continues to mentor students.

WinBSGOnline has announced that they have made updates to their guide for students seeking more insight for the business strategy game. New changes have been made to the game for 2019 and the new tips will help students overcome future challenges.

More information about the updated guide can be found at the WinBSGOnline website:

In addition to the current guide, there are updates to the documents containing quiz study methods, comprehensive exam guides, help with various scenarios in the game. The information provides a well-rounded view of the Business Strategy Game as it can be played in the present, as well as possible future scenarios.

Dave Mar, the Grand Master and contributor for WinBSGOnline that put together this new information had this to say:

“I have made it my mission to help students who find this game difficult or just don’t have time. The strategies that I suggest are practical and have real world application, and I am reinforcing concepts that are being talked about in class. If you choose to reach out to me by buying my guide or asking me to review your game consider me as a friend, and I’ll help you just as I helped many before.”

The guide will help students understand how to approach each quiz, understand formulas and how to use them, a distilled version of the player’s guide to save time, and videos that help students learn the software at a faster pace.

The information in the guide comes from years of experience of playing the game, and can be independently verified by students who play the game. For illustrative purposes only, the website features testimonials from students that have used typical methods in winning the business strategy game.

Students who want to learn more about winning in BSG before committing to buying the guide can read the free tips available at the WinBSGOnline website at

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