Why Using The Right Moisturizer During Harsh Winters Matters

In winters’ dry air and bone chilling temperatures, using the right moisturizer matters. Knowing “when” to apply the moisturizer is just as important as choosing the right moisturizer. The goal is to apply it while the skin is still wet.

— Miami FL, Mitchell Group’s Beauty Brand has launched another best seller OMIC Moisture Rescue!, a long lasting hydrating moisturizer clinically proven to maintain hydration up to 24 continuous hours. Scientifically advanced formula delivers hydration to dry, stressed irritated complexions with double patent MOIST 24™ and innovative peptide, SKINASENSYLl® SENSYLIA.

Its key ingredients, Moist 24 (Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract) is rich in potassium and creates its own water reserve, boosting skins ability to soothe and calm skin irritations, providing moisture retention and balance for total skin recovery. Reparative peptide, Skinasensyl decreases the skin’s nerve stimulation minimizing sensitivity as it increases skin’s tolerance to environmental aggressors, soothing and calming over-reactive skin.

As people age, the skin’s lipid barrier in our epidermal cells (uppermost layer of skin) is compromised, making it more prone to water loss and outside aggressions. The function of the lipid barrier is designed to protect the skin against outside factors such as temperature changes, especially in cold, dry, windy climates. A perfect example is extreme dryness; this skin condition breaks the lipid barrier down and causes it to become susceptible to flaky, itchy skin resulting in irritation, leading to inflammation.

The solution sounds simple enough; moisturizing
Only occlusive moisturizers – those with ingredients like petrolatum, mineral and vegetable oils, beeswax, squalane, shea butter and lanolin can lock moisture into the skin while physically preventing the outside air from penetrating pores. This magic potion is known as Vaseline, which most dermatologists will tell everyone, locks in moisture better than anything else; unfortunately it can cause breakouts. The best strategy according to Dominique Tinkler, Product Development/Education Director for OMIC Skincare is to use an occlusive moisturizer at night and a lighter lotion containing humectant ingredients like honey, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid for daytime. Rather than forming a physical barrier that locks in moisture and keeps out cold and dry air, humectants draw in moisture from skin’s deeper layers to its surface while also sucking water molecules from the air into the skin. Both actions prevent flaky red skin which signals an overly dry complexion. . Moisture Rescue will soothe feelings of discomfort while increasing skin’s water reserve, enhancing skins comfort.

Contrary to the popular myth that oily skin does not need to moisturize because such hydration may lead to clogged pores, Dominique suggests that moisturizing all skin types is essential, especially during winter.
When skiing in Canada’s freezing January temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, knowing “when” to apply the moisturizer is just as important as choosing the right moisturizer. The goal is to apply it while the skin is still wet, 3 minutes is the key between washing and moisturizing. This will keep water in the skin. Also using harsh soaps and taking scalding showers – both of which strip skin of its naturally produced oils is a big NO-NO.

Dry Skin - Drink lots of water and eats foods with good fats (which will help to keep cell walls strong and prevent water loss) like avocado and olive oil as well as citrus and kiwi (the potassium they contain regulates the body’s water levels). Cabbage has sulfur which can help to prevent dry, irritated skin.

What to avoid - Drinks like coffee and black tea dehydrate the internal tissues and skin. Most fried foods contain trans fats and hydrogenated oils which can often deplete levels of good fats and can lead to dry skin.

Mitchell Group is a leading topical cosmetic manufacturer that develops skincare products to safely address skin care concerns. With ongoing research and development, the Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities in Switzerland, Lebanon and France continue to use cutting-edge formulations that promote and produce healthy skin. All formulas are rigorously tested with clinical and laboratory trials to insure its effectiveness and consumer safety.

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