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WDRemovals is a transport company operating in the United Kingdom. The company provides reliable and cost-effective moving solution.

— When it comes to moving from one location to another, most people in the UK have to contend with a number of different issues. However the two biggest issues they have to deal with is not leaving anything behind and finding a reliable company that fits in their budget yet ensures that all their luggage and memories are transported safely on time to the desired location.

Most people may wonder why the second option is an issue. After all, there are many transport companies that advertise their services on a daily basis. But most of these companies hide their charges from clients and also attach conditions to the promise of timely delivery.

In such an environment, a transport company by the name Wd Removals stepped in to provide a viable alternative. The founders of this company researched all the ills associated with the moving industry. On the basis of this research, they came up with the below solutions to common problems and grouse.

The first grouse was the ambiguity when it came to the cost of the entire package. Most transport companies would provide a rough quotation on the basis of the number of people needed by the customer. However, the executives at this company decided to provide a fixed quote on the basis of four factors- The day of the week, the number of people required, the time required and if an entire day was required.

The second grouse was that companies would begin charging from their garage to the customer’s location. In order to prevent this, WD Removals ensures that their billing starts from the time the van arrives at the customer’s doorstep. Since every van is equipped with GPS, the company can ensure that no customer can complain about early billing.

The third grouse was that most Man and Van London services were ill-equipped to move the goods. Hence the company decided to equip each and every van in their fleet with all the equipment required to move and secure the boxes from the house or office to the van and into the new destination with ease. This was an important step as it also ensures that there is no damage to the goods at any point of time.

The fourth grouse was the high cost of moving services. Most transport companies would price their packages on the upper end with no differentiation between the types of customer. However, at WD Removals, the pricing is extremely reasonable. They offer good value for each and every package and even offer discounts on the same.

Each of the above issues was tackled by the company to provide complete transparency in their dealings. The client is informed beforehand if there is any additional cost which will be levied and the reason for the same.

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