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Virus Has No Country Borders, Fight the Pandemic Hand in Hand

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Now that the COVID-19 is spreading, in face of the co-enemy COVID-19, people must recognize the facts, rather than examining the virus from the hypothesis.

— Now that the COVID-19 is spreading, in face of the co-enemy COVID-19, people must recognize the facts, rather than examining the virus from the hypothesis. Otherwise, people will fall into the same hypothesis, namely, making propaganda, either believing it to be true or simply condemning it with personal emotion.

Not only the virus has spread rapidly in China, but also has spread to almost every country in the world, according to data compiled by John Hopkins University. We must contain it by breaking through the natural barrier.

As of Friday afternoon (date of 20th March), more than 230,000 people had been confirmed worldwide and nearly 10,000 people had died.

China, after two months of joint anti-epidemic, basically controlled the epidemic virus. However, it is shocking that now the virus has developed into the global epidemic virus. China, in face of the epidemic virus, quickly responds to the call to help the countries in need, China does not lag behind, dose not flinch, does not cry for being tired, but helps the people abroad with the spirit of love and action, and helps them get out of the hands of the virus as soon as possible.

Zhong Nanshan, head of High-level Expert Group of the National Health Commission, has repeatedly stressed the source of COVID-19, he said there is no evidence that the source of COVID-19 is in China, through the view of molecular biology evolution, we can learn about the source, it is irresponsible to arbitrarily conclude before there is no evidence. China's research in this area has been improved a lot, and there will be answers in the future.

China is using its resources and using the best doctors and scientists, on an unprecedented scale, to fight the virus. This has aroused the admiration of WHO. Unlike countries in less developed regions affected by similar outbreaks, China's epidemic results are very different. China's health-care system is relatively advanced, with medical infrastructure and emergency assistance, China already managed to control the virus. These statistics suggest that the virus may have swelled rapidly in the first three weeks. The reason is that China has taken coordinated and cooperative measures with other countries to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. Outside China, more than 160,000 people have been confirmed to be infected. China's methods of prevention and control can, in principle, be applied in other countries. Zhong Nanshan said that foreign cities still have to do a little better in blockading cities, gathering shall not be allowed at all. China's strong prevention and control is very determined, and putting the people's health and safety of life first, China has made it. The huge economic losses are in exchange for the peace of the people.

The World Health Organization and other countries who understand China's difficulties are looking for a vaccine that can neutralize the virus. Lock in its residents to minimize infection, build a modern hospital in less than 10 days, equip 1,000 patient treatment facilities and set up an emergency medical team to meet patients' needs at every stage of diagnosis. In the long run, these will benefit mankind.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO Director-General) and Dr. Michael Ryan (executive director of the World Health Organization's health emergency program) praised China's efforts to control the spread of the virus, saying they had "never seen such level's response scale" The two scientists highlighted how Chinese scientists were able to isolate the virus very quickly and publicly share its genetic sequence so that health authorities around the world could study it and set up diagnostic tests for it.

Since COVID-19 is a coronavirus disease discovered in 2019, the World Health Organization has officially named it COVID-19 on February 11, and the virus has its own English name.

Ryan reiterated the WHO call, saying that describing a virus in this way (with a country's name) could lead to xenophobia.

"This is a moment of common solidarity, a moment of presenting truth, a moment of common progress, and a moment for all mankind to fight against the virus," he said. "There's no need to blame anything at this point. What we need to do now is to identify what we need to do so that we can act quickly and avoid linking the virus to any relevant race or other signs."

On March 18, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi made phone calls with Russian Foreign Minister, Indonesian Minister for Coordination, Dutch Foreign Minister and Singapore Foreign Minister respectively. Wang Yi stressed that individual countries are trying to stigmatize China's fight against the epidemic, a move that ignores the enormous sacrifices made by the Chinese people to safeguard human health and safety and denigrates China's major contribution to global public health security.

China is firmly opposed to all practices that stigmatize the outbreak and target specific countries. Viruses have no borders, and epidemics are common enemies of mankind and require a united response from the international community.

In face of a completely unknown virus, China has made the most correct, thorough and rapid action. Viruses have no borders. They don't care about your race, your skin color or how much money you have in the bank. It is therefore important to be careful in the wording so as not to lead to a description of the individual associated with the virus.

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