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Video Marketing Boys Launch Business As They Create Major Mybasket Commercial

26 June, 2013

On Monday 24th of June, video production and online marketing gurus Video Marketing Boys launched their online presence in tandem with the launch of their campaign for a major new client in the Netherlands called Mybasket. As the new creative campaign goes live for Mybasket it will also be featured by Blokker a major retailer in the Netherlands. Video Marketing Boys now expect a huge wave of traffic as their own web presence was created to be launched in tandem with an advert seen by everyone in the Netherlands.

The Video Marketing Boys is not a regular video production company. They combine two of the most crucial elements in 21st century branding campaigns: cutting edge video production and online marketing. This combination has allowed them to distinguish themselves against a backdrop of other companies who only offer one service or the other, thus doubling the production cost for companies of creating a successful campaign with any competitor.

The Mybasket commercial uses the combination of top quality video production and the latest online marketing techniques to enhance individual engagement with the service and the brand- the video has full social media integration with a managed campaign identifying potential early adopters and encouraging them to like and share the video on Facebook with a year’s free shopping up for grabs as a prize. By building a community around the launch, the buzz becomes self-sustaining and engaged participants do better work than traditional ad agencies, because people respect the opinion of their friends.

A spokesperson for Video Marketing Boys explained “There are too many businesses who have built great creative campaigns that have failed. This is not because the message was wrong but because nobody got to see their campaign. We produce these stunning creative’s but even more importantly we ensure they are seen, talked about and shared. The previous campaign made it to the biggest media in The Netherlands and the video has previously been shared more than 12,000 times on Facebook and has over 100,000 views on Youtube. It's our mission to exceed these numbers in the latest campaign, and we are already looking forward to creating more new campaigns for clients in the Netherlands and worldwide, as our unique strategies have already proven successful in drawing a worldwide audience according to the metrics received from our online insights during campaign management.”

About Video Marketing Boys:
Video Marketing Boys is born from two different disciplines: video production for storytelling and online marketing which ensures the video reaches the target audience and provides a positive ROI. They have combined these two disciplines with success. Their website draws visitors from The Netherlands and worldwide, and a worldwide audience is their targeted market. Individuals can browse through the website and see what they have done for previous clients both in branding and in reaching audience.

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Joe Hughes

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