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— V2 Cigs, the best selling online brand in America of "Smokeless Vapor Cig Alternative" products has announced with short notice a surprise 24 Hour Sale that is sure to delight fans of the products, other ecig users and smokers interested in trying out the products from the Miami, Florida based company. Offering by far the most significant savings in the brand's 4+ years history, for 24 hours only customers can save 50% on all V2 Starter Kits and V2 Refill Carts. V2 Cigs Coupon Codes ( is pleased to announce that not only will they be - as in past sales (though never to this huge an extent) are offering the ability to save even more, up to an additional 15% on all kits with a spacial coupon code - EVAPE15 or 10% with coupon Code EVAPE10.

"We have decided to go one further as this is truly an unheard of and frankly unexpected opportunity by offering anyone who purchases a V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit - With an added bonus of a $10 gift certificate (requires confirmation of purchase on site) - especially those who might not otherwise have the chance to give these quality "vapor" products a try and experience first hand the difference between the smokeless "vapor" often misunderstood to be much more similar to tobacco smoke than is actually the case," states Shaw, Co-Founder of the site

Shaw asserts that smoking and vaping (echoing the sentiments of authorities in notably Dr. Michael Siegel on his blog - that many in the various Anti-Smoking Groups seem not to be able to get past the fact that these new devices seem so similar to the act of smoking, and understand how different they are under the surface.

One Common E-Cigarette myth Ms. Shaw raises often and hopes such sales events bring the attention to these issues - specifically the KEY difference between "Smoke and Vapor" - which is explained quite clearly by the CEO of V2 Cigs, Andres Verlur in an interview where CNN talks to Andries Verleur, ceo of V-2 Cigs about e-cigarettes. He also addresses other common anti-ecig concerns that increasingly have been shot down by increasing numbers of studies as evidenced on industry association websites, aforementioned and all over the web and media - both scientific and mainstream.

Mr. Verleur has also explained recently on Bloomberg in interview and explains why he thinks e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes, clarifying the smoking vs the vaping point to a further extent.

Top Rated Smokeless Vapor Cigarettes Alternative Brand name in America,, who currently boast close to 2 million customers with a legendary track record for loyalty (most return 3 more more times after a first purchase) is offering unprecedented 50% savings that are unlikely to be seen again for years if ever. has extended the 50% offer by an additional 15% for starter Kits using the links on the site below together with Discount Code EVAPE15 and10% for V2 Refill Carts with Code EVAPE10. Information about the additional 10$ Gift Certificate offer may also be viewed at the website. Offers and products are strictly restricted to those over 18 Years of Age, and to past or present Smokers.

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