Using hCG Diet Treatments to Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists create personalized, healthy Thanksgiving recipes that are enhanced by exclusive hCG diet treatments to target stored body fat and flush it from the patient’s body while they lose weight fast.

— Being able to lose weight fast and still enjoy a healthy thanksgiving feast may seem impossible for many dieters in the California area, but, through a combination of nutrition coaching and Diet Doc’s powerful hCG diet treatments, thousands of dieters have been successful in reaching their weight loss goals. Each client will have personal consultations with Diet Doc’s physicians, nurses and nutritionists to determine which hCG diet treatments will work best for them and will create a meal plan, including healthy Thanksgiving food options, designed to flush excess and embarrassing fat from their body so they can lose weight fast. And, because Diet Doc is dedicating to helping their clients see fast results with hCG diet plans, all patient progress will be closely monitored and programs can be modified for more rapid results.

Diet Doc nutritionists have received extensive training on how hCG diet treatments work to best enhance a healthy diet so their clients are able to lose weight fast. With the holiday season fast approaching, many dieters in California are now interested in learning which foods are best to serve for a healthy Thanksgiving meal that will not cause them to gain extensive amounts of weight. Diet Doc nutritionists will spend time educating their clients on healthy thanksgiving foods, and low calorie foods for the rest of the year, and remain available for unlimited consultations to answer questions about different food options that actually work to increase fat burn and weight loss.

In addition to their unlimited access to Diet Doc nutritionists, each patient will also receive a copy of Diet Doc’s exclusive cookbook with over fifty pages of low fat, nutrient rich recipes that can be used to create healthy Thanksgiving meals. Diet Doc understands that many of their patients do not have a health or medical background and need assistance in understanding which foods are best for a healthy Thanksgiving. They use this exclusive cookbook, in combination with their personal consultations, to educate their clients on the best foods to choose when trying to lose weight fast.

But, being able to lose weight fast during the holiday season, even when consuming healthy food options, can be challenging. Therefore, Diet Doc enhances their diet programs with exclusive hCG diet treatments that target stored body fat, mobilize that excess fat and flush it from the patient’s system. Each treatment contains naturally produced hormones that increase the speed that patients are able to lose weight fast and, when used in combination with a healthy diet, have helped some patients lose up to almost a pound of excess fat per day.

Diet Doc’s personalized approach to weight loss, along with the results seen with hCG diet programs, have helped to make them the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management. Even during the Thanksgiving holiday, patients report fast and easy weight loss without nagging cravings, fatigue or weakness. And, patients following the hCG diet protocol are able to comfortably enjoy holiday feasts with family and friends without any discomfort or negative dieting side effects.

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