Unlock The Secret To Sun Damaged Skin With YELEN Paris

Today, uneven pigmentation affects most people, regardless of ethnic background or skin color. Skin may either appear darker than normal due to hormonal changes when skin is exposed to the sun.

— Mitchell Group’s Beauty Brand has recently launched 3 NEW YELEN Paris brightening/lightening skincare products to their existing YELEN family. Consumers with concerns of Hyperpigmentation, most commonly seen in Hispanics, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian and African Americans can now enjoy YELEN’S powerful brightening/lightening benefits, restoring damaged skin back to its healthier, brighter, younger appearance.

Even if the people do not tan, they’re probably still getting sun damage. Short bouts with UV rays- sitting next to an office window and running a five minute errand – add up and trigger hyperpigmentation, the skin’s natural form of sun protection. And those brown spots are the real first signs of aging. Today women and men of all races and skin types are dealing with discoloration in many different forms such as freckles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, post blemish scars and hormonal discoloration. Yelen Paris was specifically formulated to target these skincare concerns, addressing the needs of all ethnicities.

YELEN Paris is a light-capturing creation that signals the coming together of a sophisticated beauty cosmetics skincare line with French talented sculptor, Milthon. Designed in luxurious packaging with a sweet and delectable fragrance, Yelen Paris depigmenting line specializes in cosmetics for women and men of color who want to acquire beautiful flawless skin. The formula‘s ingredients are infused with aggressive lightening /brightening actives, restoring clarity and radiance. Nourishing and moisturizing anti-oxidants of Shea butter and Vitamin E possess a variety of beneficial healing and preventative benefits that work in synergy as a family, boosting skin’s energy, leaving skin with a beautiful glowing sheen.

Let that inner beauty shine with Yelen’s 3 new Face and Body care products.

1) YELEN Balancing Body Lotion 500 ml / 17 fl. oz
Lightening and Moisturizing

Balancing Body Lotion is an elixir offering the perfect balance between a moisturizing body milk and a beauty treatment for dull, hyperpigmented skin. Its hydrating active ingredient provides remarkable softness and wellbeing as its clarifying complex promotes the ultimate comfort of soft, silky, clarified skin. Dark brown spots are minimized, restoring the appearance of glowing, even toned skin.

- Lightening & moisturizing
- Protects against dehydration with its emollient properties of Glycerin to leave skin amazingly soft and well hydrated
- Gentle sweet fragrance
- No light-reflecting illuminators

2) YELEN Glowing Fade Crème 200 ml / 6.76 fl. oz
Unifying, Purifying, Anti-dark spots Face and Body Care

Glowing Fade Crème enhances a dull complexion to a flawless complexion and illuminates a dull body surface, aggressively reducing dry, dark stubborn areas; elbows, knees, hands, knuckles and feet. Its rejuvenating and purifying actives replenish moisture and improve skin’s firmness and clarity as Glowing Fade Crème fights against the appearance of new skin flaws, leaving skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing. Skin gradually regains a firm and radiant finish.

- Soothes problem skin with its purifying, clarifying agents
- Effective as a dark spot treatment for dark stubborn areas
- Evens out and unifies complexion with inhibiting melanin active

3) YELEN Maxi Tone Fade Milk 355 ml / 12 fl.oz
Brightening and Unifying Face and Body Care

Maxi Tone Fade Milk is infused with a unique blend of safe lightening and brightening properties, rejuvenating dull uneven skin tone in its luxurious and illuminating sensual emulsion, promoting a more even toned appearance. This concentrated lightweight formula addresses dull uneven skin tone, freckles, dark brown spots and hormonal discoloration, improving clarity and radiance.

- Promotes an overall healthier brighter complexion
- Excellent for oily skin complexions
- Revitalizes skins texture
- Invigorating fragrance
- Light reflecting illuminators

Mitchell Group is a leading topical cosmetic manufacturer that develops skincare products to safely address skin care concerns. With ongoing research and development, the Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities in Switzerland, Lebanon and France continue to use cutting-edge formulations that promote and produce healthy skin. All formulas are rigorously tested with clinical and laboratory trials to insure its effectiveness and consumer safety.

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