University of Medical Science Professor Proves Benefits of Black Yeast Beta Glucan

03 April, 2013

Professor Takeo Hasegawa proves that black yeast beta glucan is a powerful functional food in his recent research and findings.

Professor Takeo Hasegawa is a scientist from Suzuka University of Medical Science and lead researcher behind the research on black yeast beta glucan. His recent findings show that beta glucan is actually a powerful functional food that modulates and optimizes immune response for a balanced immune system.

Yeast is normally thought of as an ingredient in freshly made breads, but for those who are serious about pursuing a healthy diet and lifestyle, beta glucan from yeast has been found to be an edible supplement that achieves the highest level of health benefits compared to other types of food. There are several different types of beta glucan, with black yeast beta glucan containing the highest number of benefits.

Hasegawa had claimed that black yeast beta glucan provides a broad spectrum of health benefits including heart health, dietary fiber and immune support. Oat beta glucan provides benefits for heart health and as dietary fiber, but without the same immune system support that black yeast beta glucan provides. Currently, black yeast beta glucan is used in clinical treatment of terminally ill patients in Japan and endorsed safe by the Japanese Supplement Council. It is also imported from Japan.

“Black yeast beta glucan is used in clinical treatment of terminally ill patients in Japan. Black yeast beta glucan stimulates release of cytokines, which gets dispersed throughout the body boosting the entire immune system and enabling the healing of a weak body." Professor Hasegawa reports. Furthermore, Black yeast beta glucan has been approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health as food.

Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi, Director at the Hosoi Dermatology Clinic in Fukuoka city, Kyushu, Japan uses black yeast beta glucan with his patients as part of his therapy with cancer patients. This use has proven that beta glucan was able to double the power of NK cells in fighting cancer cells and virus-infected cells. Anyone can now obtain black yeast beta glucan for their own health benefits in an easy to consume packet. People are able to eat the beta glucan derived from black yeast straight from the packet and drink some water along with it if preferred.

About Black Yeast Beta Glucan: Michelle Loh of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia created the Black Yeast Beta Glucan website in order to bring the benefits of this super food to those who are serious about pursuing the healthiest lifestyle through their diet. Information about Black Yeast Beta Glucan along with scientific findings, suggestions for use and how to find this amazing healthful food is offered at the website including videos and information from leading scientific and health professionals.

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