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Unexpected ViSalus Review Offers Millionaire Coaching On Making Dreams Reality

Rachel Jackson has built an empire promoting ViSalus, Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge & Project 10 Challenge and has now opened up a mentoring opportunity to help people follow in her footsteps.

— ViSalus Sciences is a revolutionary health and fitness company that makes it much easier to lose weight while living a balanced lifestyle. In addition the growing line of popular ViSalus products, ViSalus incredibly makes it possible to earn money, BMWs, and more while participants lose weight in their fun 90 day challenge.

Their growing fanbase includes celebrities like Hulk Hogan. The company is generous with those who succeed in their network marketing program, and Rachel Jackson has managed to make herself a millionaire from her growth as a ViSalus leader.

She is now offering the opportunity for people to ask her questions and get valuable advice on this life-changing opportunity. In a recent video ( she announced that she is willing to work intensely with select new mentoring candidates.

Many fans, team members and friends in her healthy Facebook community of over 40,000 have found this opportunity impressive considering how strong her one-on-one leadership and coaching is -- She has personally helped over seventy people earn six-figure incomes for themselves with her disciplined system for success in ViSalus.

Many would also find it interesting that she has helped over 1,300 of her team members join the ViSalus "Bimmer Club" and drive their own brand-new ViSalus BMW, regardless of whether they were promoting ViSalus in the USA, Canada, UK or anywhere else the ViSalus business opportunity is available internationally.

The combination of ViSalus offering their "ViSalus Bimmer Bonus Program" and Rachel's leadership and coaching have resulted in over one-thousand and three hundred regular people doing something fantastic -- earning a covered monthly car payment and taking home their own brand-new BMW, in addition to earning regular commissions from the generous ViSalus compensation plan.

Individuals can request to speak with Rachel via phone at, which features in-depth information and reviews about ViSalus, Body by Vi (, Project10 and the opportunities available in working with Rachel and ViSalus.

A spokesperson for ViSalus Review explained, “This is an invaluable opportunity for individuals to get the very best advice from one of the very best leaders in ViSalus and even network marketing overall. Many in today's society are understandably cynical about network marketing because many so-called leaders in the past have done and encouraged icky or immoral things, even run straight-up scams and call it network marketing."

He went on, "However there have always been genuine MLM companies with genuine leaders, unsung heroes in the industry who make a difference and truly help many, many other people take their life, their love, their happiness and their freedom to the next level. With Rachel and ViSalus, you can add 'your health' to that list, which in today's society is a damn important list item I would say! In just three years Rachel has already helped over seventy people earn a six-figure income and countless people lose weight and get healthy, so her expert knowledge will be invaluable for anyone looking for a new, real way to transform their lives!”

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ViSalus Review is an online content portal that helps its users transform their lives by learning from its expert ViSalus reviews, Body by Vi Challenge videos and Project 10 newsletter, and getting access to free one-on-one coaching for health and business success.

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