UK Specification LED Solar Fairy Lights That Work In The UK

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UK specification solar fairy lights designed to work in the British climate, with high quality LED bulbs, a high capacity soalr panel and powerful rechargeable batteries designed to harness the maximum energy from daylight.

/PressCable/ — The bulk of solar lighting (especially cheaper models) have long suffered from a lack of performance due to not being designed to work in ‘normal' UK weather conditions.

Low cost solar lights are basic in construction and can't harvest enough energy from the available sunlight to activate the light units for long, if at all. In addition, in many instances, the units are under engineered and have low quality rechargeable batteries that are not suitable for their application.

After some research and development, low cost solar lights designed to work in the UK are now available, offering the lighting performance expected at an affordable price.

The three areas concentrated on improving were; the solar panel technology, the LED bulb specification and the rechargeable batteries for storing harvested energy.
The size and capacity of the solar panels was designated in order to harvest the maximum energy from cloudy days and not requiring direct sunshine for hours on end to perform all night.

The rechargeable batteries fitted in the unit are high quality so they can store the harvested energy efficiently for use from sunset onwards.

The third area addressed were the LED bulbs themselves, in order to source high quality LED's that would provide quality light, were watertight and weatherproof and would continue to work for years.

The end result is a 400 LED solar fairy light string set that out performs all other solar fairy lights on sale in the UK at an affordable cost.

The larger, higher harvest rate solar panel, has excess capacity to collect the maximum amount of electrical energy from daylight, even on the dullest winter days.

The bulk of low cost solar lights fail to work well because they are designed only for countries that have high levels of sunlight on a daily basis. With most being manufactured abroad, importers sell existing units, that are never going to be able to work efficiently in the UK rather than designing a custom unit that suits the unique and unpredictable UK climate.
UK specification 400 LED solar fairy light units have been created with the temperamental British weather in mind so that they will be able to recharge every day during daylight.


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