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Ubisoft Game Company “Ubisoft Legend Game” Launched in Singapore

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Ubisoft Game Company "Ubisoft Legend Game" Launched in Singapore

— According to foreign media MediaCorp report, the world's top ten game company Ubisoft Games wholly-owned global blockchain game project "Ubisoft Legend." At the Jinsha Hotel in Singapore, a press conference was held. The Singapore government and Ubisoft Games CEO Yves Guillmot attended the project launch conference. The Ubisoft game executives gave an opening speech and developed the Ubisoft game team from the blockchain technology. A new understanding of the combination of blockchain and games; a detailed introduction to the R&D and future game layout of the Ubisoft legend project and the Ubiquite blockchain equity exercised by UBFT.

Unlike other blockchain games, "Ubisoft Legend" is the world's first truly blockchain game. It solves the obvious pain points of traditional game developers and gamers. The first, centralized giant game company monopolizes. Operation leads to plagiarism and infringement, which limits the overall development of the game industry. Second, the distribution of traditional game currency is not open, unconstrained and regulated, and can only be used inside the game, without real value. Third, existing games are There are lottery activities, but these activities are not open and transparent. The company operates in a black-box. Fourth, all the links are completely controlled by the game developers. They can freely release equipment items and reduce the value of the game. Therefore, Ubisoft Game Development Company has returned to the essence of the game: re-experience, value, technology, and the perfect combination of blockchain technology and the game industry. Heavy tree pattern industry pattern. Ubisoft team and British fund capital teamed up to create a world-leading blockchain game - "Ubisoft Legend" to pay tribute to the legendary classic, return to the experience value of epic games.

Ubisoft Games Fund is the leader in the application of blockchain game technology. It is also the leading brand in the game industry. It is strongly supported by the Singapore government and will be the first to launch game registration in Greater China after the press conference. Many gamers participate in blockchain games that are fair, transparent, and have unlimited potential for appreciation. With the "Ubisoft Legend" and the subsequent layout of gaming games, the surge in blockchain game customers is bound to make UBFT in short supply, leading the game industry currency, allowing players to share the blockchain dividend. Let us look forward to the "Ubisoft Legend" together!

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