Tyent 9090 Turbo Seeing Increased Interest as New Fear of Fracking Toxins and Other Emerge

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Environmentalist and citizens around the country are voicing concern about the growing problem of toxins in their water caused by fracking and other sources of water pollution. Water filtering and ionizers like the Tyent 9090 Turbo are attracting consumer interest as a result.



As consumers from Texas to California to New York are voicing their concerns about fracking and the toxic effect on underground water, there has been a growing interest in water ionizers such as the Tyent 9090 Turbo to produce safe, clean drinking water.Until something more is done to stop water pollution, It seems it will be up to the consumer to protect themselves.The Clean Water Act was introduced in 1972 in an attempt to clean up and restore water that had been polluted by organizations that dumped toxins directly into water sources.The Act was revised in 1987 when it was recognized that more than 50% of water pollution problems were coming from sources that aren't so easily identified including cities, farms and construction areas.Though the EPA announced a revision in the rules this year, their goal was to make the rules more clear rather than to increase controls that prevent toxins from affecting our drinking water. Their article explains what the rule change will and will not do.The interest in the Tyent water ionizer has increased because of the question about the safety of drinking water in the US.A water ionizer uses electrolysis to filter and condition water causing it to change chemical properties of tap water so that not only does it have more health benefits, it tastes better.Several methods are used to reclaim water for drinking. It often includes chlorination which has been linked to health issues in humans.Studies indicate that ionized water balances PH in the body and the water has antioxidant benefits for humans.There have even been claims that it might help prevent cancer by altering PH Levels in the body as there is thought to be a link between blood acid levels and cancer.In a video created by Dr. Gus of Advanced Fitness and Wellness Centers in Illinois he demonstrated the effect of ionized water on a patients' blood cells.Taking samples before drinking water showed the cells with very little movement. After the patient drank tap water the blood cell movement increased but red blood cells were still clumped and slow. After a few hours the patient was asked to drink ionized water, then had blood drawn again. The microscope revealed a dramatic difference. The speed and movement of the blood cells increased dramatically.As he stated in the video “Ionized water raises oxygen and potential for the membrane to take in air and allow the red blood cells to circulate it.”The Tyent water ionizer was invented by Joe Boccuti, a wellness guru who became interested in the health benefits of ionized water. Going through development with engineers, water experts and scientists resulted in the first custom built water ionizer that was made specifically for the unique water sources throughout America.In a review of The Tyent 9090 Turbo to other water ionizers, it appeared that the 9090 Turbo ionizer was built to prevent overheating as some others do, produced better PH balance in the water and was priced at or below competitors.In addition the company offers a lifetime warranty.

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