TWIZ LLC Founders Celebrate Unprecedented Business Growth

15 April, 2019

Christian Velitchkov and Lucas Capestany didn’t have any idea when they met at a networking event that their professional futures would become inextricably linked. However, that’s exactly what happened when the two young men founded TWIZ LLC, a premier provider of Affordable SEO services, using Lucas' Loyola Marymount Univeristy dorm room as their office. Thirteen months later, the now 24 and 23-year-olds are celebrating an unprecedented level of growth in their business. With these two innovators at the helm, doubled revenue, office upgrades, and the launch of new ideas have become the norm for TWIZ.

“We could not be more thrilled about the success we’ve experienced in the last year,” said Christian Velitchkov, co-founder of TWIZ LLC. “In that time frame, we’ve hit $35k monthly recurring revenue providing SEO services to high-LTV companies. Just last month, we doubled our revenue through a new emerging networking app called Shapr. All this has allowed us to upgrade our offices three times in only the last six months, which in turn gives us the ability to expand our services and find more ways to help business owners succeed.”

Fortunately for business owners, the TWIZ LLC team has decided not to rest on their laurels. Velitchkov and Capestany are planning to launch an incubator in the Los Angeles area in 2019. They’ve worked hard to raise the necessary funds to purchase a commercial property that will become home base for this incubator, giving new businesses the proper tools to flourish through the pursuit of new and innovative ideas.

Velitchkov went on to say, “While buying and reading the Best Marketing Books can certainly help business owners do better, nothing can replace having a knowledgeable and experienced partner to help them get to the next level. Our mission is to be that partner for the clients we serve. We are excited for what’s ahead and for all the ways this incubator will give more companies in the Los Angeles business community an opportunity to grow and thrive.”

Visit to learn more about TWIZ LLC and check out their blog post on the Best Sales Books as well as other business growth resources.


Twiz helps service-based companies with high LTV's capitalize on new trends through high visibility in search and content marketing. Their emphasis on long-form, highly valuable content is guaranteed to bring hungry buyers to their client’s business. Their team understands that SEO can be confusing at times, so they keep their processes straightforward to help clients obtain measurable and repeatable results.

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