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21 Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Press Release

A simple do’s and don’ts checklist. Use this before writing, when you’re writing and after you’ve written your press release.


  • Follow a press release template.
  • Keep it clear and concise (between 500-800 words).
  • Provide as much contact details per release.
  • Have a summary that describes the main gist of your news.
  • Write a factual, relevant, newsworthy, exciting story.
  • Find a good angle, differentiate yourself from the others.
  • Write an appealing headline.
  • Try and leave readers wanting to find out more.
  • Include a link to your main site and your press release page.
  • Double-check press release before submission.
  • Cite and credit sources.


  • Don’t include company history.
  • Don’t continuously submit the same or slightly modified press release.
  • Don’t send out multiple press release at the same time.
  • Don’t put in the unavailable contact names of people.
  • Don’t send out a release without it being reviewed and approved by appropriate staff.
  • Don’t send out a release about something unimportant.
  • Don’t send out an outdated news release.
  • Don't use hyped-up promotional language with too many adjectives.
  • Don't repeat information.
  • Don't ask questions, you’re supposed to give answers.

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