Image Optimization Tutorial

Uploading an image along with your press release is always a good way to attract more people to read it, but you have to make sure that your image is presented properly across the various places that it will appear on. Here at MarketersMedia, there's no hard and fast rule as to what resolution you should use but 300x300 or 400x400 is recommended.

Here's an example image for your press release that you choose to upload.

/img/tutorial/image-tutorial1.jpg" alt="MarketersMedia Logo"/>

This is how your image would look like on the Home page.

/img/tutorial/image-tutorial2.jpg" alt="Home Page Bottom Banner Latest Stories"/>

This is how your image would look like in the press release itself.

/img/tutorial/image-tutorial3.jpg" alt="Press Release Layout Image"/>

But when it comes to the news hub page, the image of your press release will take on a rectangular format as seen in the examples below.

/img/tutorial/image-tutorial4.jpg" alt="News Hub Cropped Image Layout"/>

This means that your uploaded image will be cropped when it is featured on MarketersMedia News Hub. (See example below)

/img/tutorial/image-tutorial5.jpg" alt="Image Example Before and After Cropping"/>

Since the crop is automatically done unto the middle section of your original image, just make sure that before you submit your image for your press release, have all the important contents of image placed mostly in the centre, especially if your purpose is to attract people to read your press release with the image.

Alternatively, you also can hire a professional to help you edit the image accordingly to these specifics to make it more aesthetic.

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