How Often Should You Send Out/Publish a Press Release?

How Often Should You Publish Press Release?

Most people would talk about writing, optimizing and places to publish press releases when it comes to this subject topic. Even though it is not of incredible importance, frequency and timing of publishing press releases do affect how easily these press releases can be found.

Different timings and frequencies of press release publication signify different goals that you are setting. Hence, the clearer your goals are, the clearer you’ll know when and how often to publish your press releases.

Goal #1: Improve SEO

Most people publish releases for SEO purposes namely, backlinking. The general way to do this is to be as consistent as possible and probably publish once a month so that people are kept updated on a regular basis. People would notice you enough to know what your brand is, but not to the point where they feel annoyed, which would be the case if you sent out a press release every week. Each new press release signifies an updated effort while simultaneously building upon past successful releases.

Goal #2: Increase Traffic and Sales

Most people wouldn’t tell you this, but alternatively you could cause a “viral press release” effect to boost your backlinking efforts. Apart from having call-to-actions and improving the readability of your content, sending out one press release is going to increase your traffic by that much.

But if you sent out several press releases over a course of a few days, what would this mean? Think about it, whenever there’s a new product such as the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2, there would always be a few news articles on these products circulating around the web. Be it pre-launch, launch or post-launch, a bunch of press releases talk about more or less the same thing over and over again, a short period where you can actually witness a viral effect. So if your goal is to try and gain a sudden increase in traffic and sales, send out various press releases that revolve around the same subject, and see your efforts take action!

Goal #3: Announce Something Worth Announcing About

Generally, most companies occasionally go through changes in management, products, services or other changes. Go with the flow, and only send out a press release when you really have something important to share.

Goal #4: Stand Out Among The Rest

Apart from frequency, we’ll also need to know what the best times are to send out your press release. Usually Monday is flooded with news which means that your release may just disappear amongst the other barrage of announcements. Fridays tend to be slower, probably because people are preparing to enjoy their approaching weekend. The best days to get your press release out then would be between Tuesday to Thursday.

Similarly, the best time to send out a press release would be early enough in the morning when news are more actively announced but not too late into the evenings when everyone is about to go home to have their dinner. 10am to 11am would be the suggested optimal press release distribution timings, but depending on your audience geographically, make sure you’re catering to the “10am to 11am” of the correct time zones.

*Now that you've learnt the best times to send a press release, find out more on how to maximize the formatting of your press release!