8 Things to Double-check Before Submitting a Press Release

It’s time to submit your press release! Hold on just a second, have you included everything that you need? Did you leave out any details, important keywords or a desired call-to-action? Is your headline newsworthy enough for publication?

Sometimes we think that our press release is good enough, but it gets rejected. How do we know whether we’ve written a press release appealing enough for the public?

The answer - double-checking. Yes, it’s an arduous task that no one really does since our younger educational years even though our teachers placed emphasis on it like it would actually change the world.

It’s not that powerful but it does make a difference.

As such, here we have a checklist of things to take into consideration and ascertain that your press release is good enough for submission.

1) Details, Statistics and Facts

Ensure that all your facts are substantiated with credible sources. Check that all the numbers and stats tally. Get names and brands correctly written and spelt. You don’t want to mislead your viewers and give them false information that could tarnish your reputation and credibility.

2) Clarity, Coherence and Consistency

What you find easy to read and understand might not be true for everyone else. In fact, it could be the complete opposite, so find someone who’s willing to take the time to proofread your press release and understand its content to its entirety. If they don’t get it, there’s a good chance that your viewers won’t either.

3) Anchor Keyword Links

Not only are we talking about including keywords and on-page optimization but more importantly, whether your links actually work! Linking to a wrong page or a broken link isn’t going to do you or your viewer any good so before you send your press release, test out all the links.

4) Beware Of Over-optimization

After all the hard work you’ve put into determining your what your keyword(s) is, ascertain that they’re neatly distributed and put into your press release for maximum on-page SEO. Check that you’re not keyword stuffing (keywords should only be 2-3% of total word count) and that you’re using a variety of synonymous keywords that your customers are searching for in order to find your brand.

5) Press Release Format

Most websites follow a standard press release template but just to be safe, always format your press release sufficiently so that it’s suitable for any website. This means putting your content into several paragraphs, using spaces and hyphens appropriately. Don’t leave extra spacing for no apparent reason.

6) Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

It’s not a minute factor so this really isn’t worth overlooking because this is what sets apart the amateurs and the professionals. There’s no excuse for not using spell-check and even if we aren’t all English majors, we can definitely get someone with a decent grasp of the language to proofread your press release. Go through your press release, looking for misspellings and grammatical mistakes. Don’t turn away readers because of this.

7) Contact Information

Why aren’t people calling you? Did you make sure that your contact information are all correct? At the bottom of every press release, remember to supply accurate contact details so that reporters can follow up with you and your story. Call your own number with another phone if you have to.

8) Newsworthy Headline and Summary

This is the first thing you would be typing and it should be the last item that you check before pressing the submit button. Make sure the headline and summary of your press release has all the necessary newsworthy elements for publication such as: the subject, the active verb of the subject, the outstanding news information and the recency of the story.

E.g. “Crazed Gunman Kills 12 in Latest Batman III Movie”

So remember, to make that good impression, make it perfect by being extra careful to check everything once more before you send a press release.

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