5 Tips For Writing Your Awesome Press Release Headlines + 59 Examples

The Press Release Headline is probably the most important component of a press release. That’s simply because it’s the first thing that people look at, read and decide from there whether to continue reading. As such, it is a definite must to capture the interest of your viewers in the headline of your press release, because if you don’t, it is unlikely your press release will ever be published.

Here are some tips to writing the headline that would have people irresistibly clicking on your press release article.

Tip #1: Report It Like a News Headline

The headline should not be more than 80 characters. Your headline has to contain a subject, an active verb and clearly states your news announcement. It should also clearly convey the recency of the news.

A simple example would be, “Man saves child from hungry alligator at Montreal Zoo yesterday afternoon”.

Tip #2: Make It Easy to Read

People read through hundreds of press release headlines a week, and have adapted their senses to filter out what they do or do not want to read. Understand that these people are choosing a lot of them and looking for something interesting as well as easy to read. Use simple words that are “to-the-point” and conveys the message across clearly and concisely.

Tip #3: Eliminate All Promotional Hype

It’s a press release, not a sales letter. If you write a headline like, "Unbelievable product that cures cancer," it’ll be immediately filtered as trash by editors. But if you write, "Survey shows most toddlers are allergic to these five common foods," then people aren’t as quickly to judge how ludicrous it sounds. Keep your headline believable.

Tip #4: Use “Lists”

“5 Tips For Writing Your Awesome Press Release Headline” would have definitely attracted you more than “How To Write A Press Release Headline”, wouldn’t it? Numbers show clarity and structure in your content as it lets readers know what kind of information to expect, as well as how much information they’ll be reading for their 10-minute coffee break.

Tip #5: Include Your Target Keyword

Yes, this is SEO but your press release will be distributed site-wide so it’s not something you should ever neglect. As long as you have your main keyword in the headline, you’ll be more easily found on Google.

Still unsure of what your headline should look like? Feast your eyes on these 59 examples.

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