Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates Reports on Abuse and Neglect Charges

22 August, 2018

Divorce often brings out the worst in individuals. Filing for divorce is difficult, yet it is often only the first step in a long, contentious process. While some couples find they are ready to end the marriage and can come to an agreement that is fair and acceptable to all, this often isn't the case. When children are involved, the fighting may increase substantially. While the court always looks at what is in the best interests of any children resulting from the marriage, it's often hard to know what this is based on the limited information the court has. One parent may claim the other parent has abused the child or children. The court must then decide the truth of this statement and how and when the children should see each parent.

"Of the 62,828 cases of child abuse or neglect reported in the state of Oklahoma in 2017, only 24.33 percent were found to have merit. They are then referred to as substantiated cases. Parents and relatives account for 15.42 percent of all cases reported, and some individuals find they have been turned in simply because this individual is upset about some part of the divorce proceedings," Zach Waxman, an attorney with Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates, explains.

For example, 40.97 percent of cases reported to authorities involve a threat of harm. What one person considers a threat may seem to be perfectly reasonable to another. If one parent believes in spanking and the other does not, the parent who feels this action is unwarranted may contact the authorities. The parent who is then investigated will need to meet with Child custody lawyers to determine his or her options and how to best protect their rights as it comes to the child or children.

"According to statistics collected by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, mothers account for 45.69 percent of substantiated cases and fathers another 35.46 percent. As a result, the authorities responsible for investigating these charges don't take the matter lightly. However, there are times when a parent is unfairly accused and this is when an experienced attorney becomes of great help. No parent should be apart from their child based on unfounded allegations. We work with our clients to ensure they don't find themselves in this situation," Waxman continues.

At times, neither parent may be suitable with regard to raising the child or children. Both parents may be guilty of neglect or abuse. In this situation, a relative may step in and request guardianship of the children permanently or until there comes a time when one or both parents have successfully demonstrated they can provide appropriate care.

"Before attempting to gain custody of a family member, a person should speak to Guardianship attorneys. By doing so, the individual can fully understand his or her rights and responsibilities in this situation and the options available for pursuing guardianship. We are here to help with these family law matters and more. Contact us today for more information," Waxman recommends.

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