Trivium Equipment Launches New Web Page Explaining Choices in Forklift Specifications

Getting the perfect forklift for an application is easy once the basic details are explained, reports used forklift dealer Trivium Equipment.

— For a new company, the variety of forklifts available can make it difficult to choose one. They have many different capacity levels, two choices of driver positions, and can run on many types of fuel. There are also basic considerations to think of, such as whether the machine will be able to fit through all of the doors it needs to traverse. To make things easier, Trivium Equipment, a used forklift dealer, has released an easy-to-read Forklift 101 information page for prospective customers. This page can be found from links at or accessed directly at

"The first thing we do is remind people to pay attention to the height of the mast rather than the size of the cab," said Bryan Dean of Trivium Equipment. "The mast is the part that holds the fork and allows it to rise. It is usually taller than the cab, and it's easy for first-time buyers to forget this. Then when they get their forklift back to their company, they find that it won't go in the door. Sometimes, simple reminders are the ones that save the most aggravation."

Once that basic point has been covered, Trivium Equipment's page goes on to explain some of the finer points of the available choices, such as fuel types. It turns out that diesel fuel is popular because it provides the most torque for forklift motors, but it can only be used outdoors because of the emissions that diesel engines produced. For indoor use, electric or propane motors are preferred.

The tires also need to be considered. A cushion tire is made of solid compressed rubber, and is good for hard surface travel. These tires are known for not leaving scuff marks. Solid pneumatic tires are also good for hard surfaces, and last much longer than other solid versions when used on hard-packed outdoor areas. They are often preferred because they can never go flat. When a forklift needs to be able to go over gravel or other non-packed surfaces, standard pneumatic tires are best. These are like small versions of the ones found on cars, so sharp objects can flatten them. Even so, they are needed to provide the necessary traction on loose substrates.

"Another important aspect is the driver position," Dean said. "It's more comfortable to operate a forklift from a sitting position, but this requires the cab to be longer than one that uses a standing-room-only configuration. This makes it so there's a trade-off between comfort and where the machine can fit. If the forklift needs to be used in tight spaces, a standing one may be a requirement."

About Trivium Equipment

Trivium Equipment is a dealer of used forklifts of all types and sizes. Its stock ranges from machines that can lift 3,000 lbs. all the way to ones that can carry over 100,000 lbs. Its inventory is refurbished and painted to look like new, so customers can be sure that they will get many hours of trouble-free use and will be proud to bring this equipment into their facilities.

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